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The voodoo capital that vowed loyalty to the Germans.

Togo's spiritual heart known for voodoo heritage, the historic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, and local street food.

Welcome to Togoville, the spiritual heart of Togo. This small town located on the northern shore of Lake Togo, is the epicenter of voodoo culture in Togo.

Togoville has a rich history linked to the voodoo religion and colonial period. The town’s most famous landmark is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, built in 1910 during German colonial rule. It's a major place of Catholic worship today, but also a symbol of Togo's colonial past. Don't miss the historical colonial buildings scattered throughout the town, which give the place an old-world charm.

Yet, the most memorable part about visiting Togoville is likely to be experiencing its voodoo heritage. Voodoo, or Vodun as it's locally known, is practiced by a significant part of Togo’s population. In Togoville you can visit a voodoo shrine or even witness a voodoo ceremony. These are not staged for tourists - they are part of local's everyday life. Right next to the town lies Lake Togo, the country’s largest lagoon.

Local dishes are mostly based on corn and cassava, often served with a sauce and sometimes meat. While there are few restaurants in Togoville itself, food stalls around the market offer a chance to try local street food.

Average temperatures during the day in Togoville.

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