An emerald river and medieval fortresses.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s northwestern city of Bihać is often called the “Switzerland of Bosnia” for its stunning location in the Una River valley. The city is bisected by the river, with the old Ottoman quarter on the east bank and the Austro-Hungarian section on the west. The city’s most famous landmark is the 16th-century bridge, Stari Most, which was destroyed during the Bosnian War but rebuilt in 2004. Bihać is also home to the impressive Bihać Fortress, which overlooks the city. The fortress is now a popular tourist attraction, as is the nearby Pliva Lakes nature reserve.

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Image of Bucket list-worthy places in the Balkans
Image of Bucket list-worthy places in the Balkans

Bucket list-worthy places in the Balkans

August 2023,
The Balkans region is located in southeastern Europe and comprises several countries. These include Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia.
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