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The Balkans region is located in southeastern Europe and comprises several countries. These include Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia. The Balkans is a diverse region, with each country's unique culture, history, and language. The area has various landscapes, from Albania's rugged mountains to Croatia's lush forests.

Generally, the feeling in the Balkans is one of warmth and hospitality, with a mix of excitement and vibrancy. There is a strong sense of history and pride among the people of the Balkans, with a great appreciation for tradition and culture. Additionally, the people of the Balkans are known for their resilience and strength in the face of adversity, making them inspiring places to visit.

It is worth mentioning that we do not tend to cover every country in the Balkans in this list, rather, we would like to present our top-picked to visit in the Balkans.


City in🇸🇮 Sloveniarated

Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. It lies in the heart of the Slovenian Alps. Its charming Old Town is a maze of cobbled streets, lively squares, and colorful buildings, while the banks of the Ljubljanica River are lined with outdoor cafes and restaurants.

The city center contains numerous galleries, museums, and churches and is also the venue for many popular festivals and events. Ljubljana is also a great place to explore the outdoors, with its many parks, rivers, and forests. Ljubljana is a must-see destination in Slovenia with its convenient central location, easy access to the Alps, and stunning views of the Julian Alps.

What to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Explore the Old Town
  • Visit the Ljubljana Castle
  • Tour the Jože Plečnik House
  • Take a Boat Ride on the Ljubljanica River
  • Visit the Farmer's Market
  • Relax in Tivoli Park
  • Climb Mount Triglav
  • Take a bike tour around the city
Explore Ljubljana

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