Here are the most popular capitals in Europe - If you ask Google

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Google is the most influential data source available when it comes to influencing our travel. According to most studies, Google and friends and families are the first sources we turn to for travel tips. By analyzing how we use Google and what we search for, we have managed to map out which European capitals we are most interested in visiting.

We did this by analyzing user data focusing on global search volumes on the Google search engine. By analyzing search terms such as "where to stay in.." and "what to do in..." etc. we have been able to create an index that shows which capitals in Europe the world shows the most interest in visiting.

Humbo is a platform that wants to inspire to great travel. Therefore we are always looking for ways to better understand how people want to travel.. We also get a lot of insights from looking at our own users, but based on the huge search volumes that Google has, we get an even more complete picture of the interest in European capitals.

A large number of searches for a particular city does not necessarily mean that more people want to travel to that location, but there is likely to be a correlation between the number of searches and the interest in visiting that location. It also gives an indication of the strength of the city's global brand.

The research is done on search terms that indicate an interest in discovering the city, this selection has been important to remove news-related behaviors such as the high interest in Kiev, which unfortunately has little value for the tourism industry.

In this way, we want to encourage cities that are doing an outstanding job of attracting visitors and at the same time create a perfect bucket list for those who want to discover the best capitals Europe has to offer.

To create this list, we have used various tools that are commonly used to analyze the search behavior of the Google search engine, these tools are often used by digital marketers to understand their market and for working on search engine optimization.

Here are the 16 most popular capitals in Europe


City in🇬🇧 United Kingdomrated

We are not surprised that London takes the win as the most popular capital of Europe. London is also the city within the list where most people are looking for “things to do- searches”. London is a bustling metropolis filled with history and culture. Explore the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, or take a walk through Hyde Park for a taste of nature in the heart of the city. London is also famous for its West End theaters and pub culture.

Explore London

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