Royal tamarind trees and delicious tropical fruit.

Explore Portoviejo's rich history, local markets with traditional cuisine, lively annual festivities, and the nearby Crucita Beach.

**Portoviejo, known as the "City of the Royal Tamarind Trees" for its abundance of these shade-providing trees, stands as a vital commercial and agricultural hub in Ecuador. The capital of Manabí Province, it is distinguished by its vibrant markets offering an array of local products, especially coffee and textiles. The city's history is marked by its rebuilding after the 2016 earthquake, which led to significant developments in infrastructure. **

Museo Portoviejo

For those interested in the historical fabric of the city, Museo Portoviejo provides a window into the region's past and present. It showcases exhibits on pre-Hispanic cultures, the influence of Spanish colonialism, and the city’s evolution, including the rebuilding efforts post-2016 earthquake which reshaped much of the urban landscape. The museum also offers insights into the local customs and traditions, knitting a vivid tapestry of the city's identity.

Local Cuisine and Markets

One cannot discuss Portoviejo without highlighting its varied local cuisine. The markets of Portoviejo are culinary treasure troves where one can savor traditional dishes such as 'viche' (a seafood soup) and 'bolon' (green plantain dumplings). For an authentic taste, visit Mercado Central where you can indulge in these and other specialties served at small family-run food stalls. These markets also serve as the perfect spot to witness the daily hustle and to purchase locally produced coffee and textiles.

Annual Festivities

Experience Portoviejo’s unique cultural heart during its annual festivities. The 'San Pedro and San Pablo' celebrations are particularly notable. Held in June, these festivities bring together music, dance, and religious traditions. It’s an opportunity to see Portoviejo alive with parades and rodeos that reflect the deep-rooted customs of its people.

Nature and Recreation: Crucita Beach

Just a short drive from the city, Crucita Beach awaits with its calm waters and soft sands, making it an ideal destination for relaxation. The beach is also famous for being a prime spot for paragliding due to its favorable wind conditions. For nature enthusiasts, the surroundings offer more than just beach activities; they reveal a diverse ecosystem where bird watching can be particularly rewarding.

Safety and Transportation

When it comes to navigating the city, Portoviejo’s streets are relatively safe to explore and welcome travelers keen on discovering its charms on foot or by public transport. Taxis are readily available, and for destinations further afield, such as Crucita Beach, buses provide a cost-effective option.

Average temperatures during the day in Portoviejo.

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