Many peoples, many spicy stews.

Eritrea is a country located in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, Djibouti in the southeast, and The Red Sea to the northeast. Eritrea is a multi-ethnic country, with nine recognized ethnic groups. The Tigrinya make up the largest group, followed by the Tigre, the Kunama, the Hidareb, the Rashaida, the Bilen, the Nara, the Afar, and the Saho.

Asmara, the capital city, is home to many art deco buildings. The city of Massawa is known for its coral reefs and beautiful beaches. Other places of interest include the Gurgusum Beach, Dahlak Archipelago, and the Eritrean Highlands.

The staple diet consists of injera (a flatbread made from teff flour) and stews. Popular stews include shiro (a chickpea stew), doro wot (a chicken stew), and kitfo (a minced beef dish). Eritrean food is usually very spicy.

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