Tiny town, giant charm in the heart of the Faroes.

Experience Viking history at Klaksvík's Nordic House, join an annual music festival, explore fishing harbors, and hike Klakkur mountain.

Welcome to Klaksvík, the second largest town in the Faroe Islands. Located in the island of Borðoy, it's surrounded by steep mountains.

Klaksvík's history dates back to Viking times. The city's cultural center, Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, holds a wealth of information about the island's history, displaying various artifacts from Viking and Medieval times.

The town is known for its annual music festival, Summarfestivalurin, which attracts musicians from all over Scandinavia. This event, usually held in August, provides an opportunity to enjoy Faroese music, food and culture.

The city also has a strong connection to the sea, being surrounded by it on three sides. Fishing has always been the main industry here, and it continues to be so. If you are interested in fishing, the city's harbor is a bustling place where you can watch fishermen at work or even join a boat tour to catch some fish yourself. Moreover, the crystal clear waters surrounding Klaksvík are perfect for sea angling and bird watching.

Nature is a large part of life in Klaksvík. Just outside the city, hiking trails lead you into the mountains for breathtaking views. One of the most popular trails leads to the top of Klakkur, a mountain offering panoramic views over the town and nearby islands.

The town's only brewery, Föroya Bjór, also offers tours where visitors can learn about the beer-making process and sample some of their brews.

Klaksvík's weather is notoriously unpredictable. Pack your raincoat no matter when you visit - you're likely to need it.

Average temperatures during the day in Klaksvík.

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