Misty cliffs where waterfalls defy gravity.

The Faroe Islands' airport, Lake Sørvágsvatn, Múlafossur Waterfall, deep Viking history, and lots of birds.

Vágar is a key part of the Faroe Islands, with the archipelago's only airport and the famous Lake Sørvágsvatn, which creates an optical illusion as it seems to float above the ocean. This island, home to around 3,000 people, is a gateway to experiencing raw nature, the rich history of Viking settlers, and abundant birdlife.

Vágar presents landscapes that are unexpected, shaped by volcanic activity and glacial movements. Lake Sørvágsvatn, also known as Leitisvatn, is the largest lake in the Faroes at about 3.4 square kilometers (1.3 square miles) and is remarkable, especially with its waterfall, Bøsdalafossur, which tumbles directly into the North Atlantic Ocean.

The island also hosts the Múlafossur Waterfall, near the village of Gásadalur. Reached through a tunnel cut into the mountain, the waterfall offers a beautiful view as it drops into the sea. The tunnel is a demonstration of Faroese problem-solving, as it links the once remote village to the rest of the island.

Photography enthusiasts and hikers are attracted to Vágar for its dramatic cliffs and puffin populations. The Mykines island, reachable by boat or helicopter, is an ideal day-trip spot for bird watching, particularly during the summer when puffins are nesting.

Cultural experiences include traditional Faroese chain dancing and a strong tradition of folk music. The local food is centered around seafood, lamb, and root vegetables, often cooked using traditional methods like drying and fermenting.

Visitors should be ready for quick changes in weather. Warm, waterproof clothing is necessary, even in summer. Expect to get around by car or on foot, as public transport is not extensive. Respect for nature and local customs is important; for example, always get permission before crossing private land.

Average temperatures during the day in Vágar.

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