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Old Town

Explore Old Town in Georgia for its historic homes, museums like Juliette Gordon Low's birthplace, and authentic local dining options.

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Old Town in Georgia stands as a testament to the state's historical richness and architectural charm. This neighborhood is distinguished by its well-preserved 18th-century homes and public buildings, cobblestone streets, and significant landmarks like the Old Fort which played a pivotal role during the colonial period. Visitors can explore local galleries, dine at traditional eateries, and experience the area's layered history firsthand through its enduring structures and museums.

Historical Landmarks and Architecture

Old Town is a living museum displaying a panorama of architectural styles, from the intricate Antebellum homes to the Victorian-era facades. The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is a significant stop, as the childhood home of the founder of the Girl Scouts, showcasing ornately decorated rooms and historical artifacts. Another essential visit is the Mercer Williams House Museum, known for its role in the book and movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," presenting both history and mystery within its walls.

Traditional Georgian Cuisine

For food enthusiasts eager to indulge in local flavors, Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room offers an authentic Georgian dining experience with family-style meals. Here, one can savor classics like fried chicken, cornbread dressing, and sweet potato soufflé. On the other hand, The Pirates' House, which has welcomed visitors since 1753, combines a rich gastronomic journey with historical narratives, where patrons can enjoy Southern staples alongside tales of seafaring adventurers.

Unique Cultural Traditions

Old Town's vibrant culture is best experienced during its numerous festivals and events, such as the Savannah Music Festival which fills the area with a variety of tunes from classical to country. The neighborhood also hosts its famed St. Patrick's Day Parade, reflecting the deep Irish heritage infused in the local culture.

Museums and Cultural Centers

Cultural explorations continue at the Savannah History Museum, situated within an old train station where exhibits narrate the city's past from its founding to the present day. Art aficionados will appreciate the contemporary collections at the SCAD Museum of Art, featuring works by both well-known and emerging artists housed in a beautifully restored railroad depot.

Cost of Visiting and Accommodation Options

Visitors will find a range of lodging options to suit various budgets. For those seeking affordable stays, several guest houses provide comfortable accommodations without the high costs commonly associated with historic districts. Meanwhile, the lavish bed-and-breakfasts present an opportunity for luxury amidst Old Town's antique setting.

Nearby Natural Attractions

While Old Town itself is steeped in urban history, nature is never far away. A short drive leads to the Wormsloe Historic Site, where visitors can walk under a majestic avenue of live oaks and explore colonial-era ruins. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts find solace at the nearby Skidaway Island State Park, offering hiking trails and observation towers.

Daily Life and Community Atmosphere

Strolling through Old Town’s streets, one can inhale the daily rhythms of local life. The neighborhood cafés, like Gallery Espresso, provide spaces where locals mingle alongside tourists, harmoniously blending contemporary life with historic surroundings.

Public Transportation and Walkability in Old Town

The best way to appreciate Old Town's historic charm is on foot, thanks to its compact nature and pedestrian-friendly design. However, for longer distances or to give weary feet a rest, the DOT Express Shuttle offers free transportation around downtown with stops at major points of interest. Additionally, rented bicycles and pedicabs are common sights along Old Town’s avenues, offering both convenience and a slower pace suitable for sightseeing.

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