Subtropics, tea, and vestiges of a turbulent past.

Discover Sokhumi's exotic botanical garden and seaside promenade.

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Welcome to Sokhumi, the capital of the partially recognised Republic of Abkhazia, the largest city along the Black Sea coast.

Sokhumi's existence dates back to antiquity, once serving as a bustling trade centre. Today, it's a city that tells a complicated story of political conflicts, yet also offers glimpses of beautiful architecture, scenic landscapes, and a warm coastal climate.

One of the first things you'll notice in Sokhumi is the abundance of flora. The city's subtropical climate provides an ideal environment for various types of plants. The Sokhumi Botanical Garden, which was established in 1840, is a must-visit for nature lovers. The garden spans around 30 hectares and houses numerous exotic plant species.

The city's shoreline is defined by a lengthy seaside promenade, a great place for leisurely walks. The beaches are mostly pebble with a few sandy spots. The water is clear with its blue shades often complimenting the city's temperate weather.

Sokhumi's food scene is influenced by local Abkhazian cuisine. Try the famous Abkhazian 'Achma', a type of lasagna, or 'Homemade Abista' – cornmeal with cheese, cooked in milk.

The city's history can be explored by visiting the Sokhumi State Drama Theatre and the Sokhumi Open-Air Cinema-Theatre. Both are significant cultural landmarks that host various performances and film screenings.

Be aware that due to the political situation and unrecognized status of Abkhazia, it might be hard to reach Sokhumi and navigate the region. Several countries advise against travel to the area due to safety reasons. Thus, it is recommended to research and understand the political climate before planning a visit.

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