Winter Sports Resort in Nuuk

Apussuit Adventure Camp

Apussuit Adventure Camp is for off-trail skiing in Greenland with simple, traditional Inuit lodging.

Apussuit Adventure Camp is a winter sports resort for those looking to experience the polar environment. Known for its challenging backcountry skiing and impressive views of ice-covered fjords, this remote spot offers a look into the beautiful winter landscape of Greenland.

Apussuit Adventure Camp is notable for its location near Maniitsoq, a place known for steady snow conditions and sharp inclines. It’s for people who enjoy off-track skiing and snowboarding. Since there are no lifts, visitors get to the slopes by heli-skiing or touring, ensuring quiet and untouched snow. The camp is also a starting point for ice fishing, dog sledding, and viewing the northern lights, making it a suitable winter vacation spot.

Culturally, Apussuit offers an in-depth look into the Greenlandic lifestyle. Guests can discover the local practices of the Inuit, such as their methods of hunting and fishing, and the role of sled dogs in their daily lives. The camp itself is simple and practical, mirroring the Inuit approach to living with the harsh Arctic conditions.

For those planning a trip, keep in mind the severe weather and short days during the winter. Proper preparation is essential; bring warm clothing for temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F). Getting to the camp usually includes a flight to Nuuk followed by a helicopter ride, enhancing the remote feel.

While Apussuit is ideal for experienced backcountry adventurers, new skiers may find the area difficult. It's best to be in good shape and have experience with cold climates. Don't expect the usual comforts of standard ski resorts; instead, look forward to simple accommodations and a focus on the outdoors.

Visiting Apussuit Adventure Camp means experiencing Greenland's wilderness firsthand. It’s a place where the travel is as memorable as the stay, providing deep connections with nature, times for reflection, and excitement on pristine snow.

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