Natural Attraction in Nuuk

The Nuuk Fjord

Explore Nuuk Fjord, a 160km-long Greenlandic fjord with Inuit history, high mountains, and Arctic wildlife.

The Nuuk Fjord, known locally as Nuup Kangerlua, is one of the longest fjord systems in the world, extending around 160 kilometers (100 miles) in Greenland's rough terrain. It's a place of calm where icebergs move quietly and where you can see the traditional Inuit way of life along with modern Greenlandic culture.

Exploring the Nuuk Fjord offers a deep connection with nature. This large network of waterways is surrounded by tall mountains that reach heights of up to 1,200 meters (3,937 feet), creating impressive scenery that is both powerful and beautiful. The fjord's icy waters are home to whales and seals, and seeing these animals is a usual highlight for visitors.

In terms of sights, the fjord has the old settlement of Qoornoq, where you can see ancient Inuit ruins that connect you to the region's history. The fjord system also contains Sermitsiaq mountain, a significant landmark near Nuuk, which is a favorite challenge for hikers that want to enjoy wide views of the area.

Local activities around the fjord include kayaking, where you can move between icebergs and next to tall cliff faces. Fishing is also a common activity, with the clean waters full of Arctic fish. Cultural experiences are possible through visits to communities where storytelling, local food, and handicrafts show the Greenlandic way of life.

Visitors should respect the delicate environment and follow sustainable practices to preserve the fjord's ecosystem. The best time to visit is from June to September when the weather is better and daylight lasts long into the evening, giving more time to experience the landscape.

When planning a trip, it's smart to dress in layers due to the changeable weather and bring waterproof gear. Also, hiring local guides is recommended not only for safety but to better appreciate your experience with their knowledge of the fjord's history and wildlife. With its mixture of natural beauty, cultural activities, and adventure opportunities, Nuuk Fjord is a destination that offers a distinctive and genuine piece of Greenland.

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