Hill/Peak in Athens

Lycabettus Hill

Discover Lycabettus Hill: enjoy Athens' panoramic views, visit St. George's Chapel, and experience its open-air theater and diverse flora.

Lycabettus Hill, rising above central Athens, is a limestone peak which provides panoramic views of the city. At its summit, the small Chapel of St. George contrasts with the urban sprawl below, while its open-air theater hosts various performances through the summer months. Accessible by foot or funicular, Lycabettus is a prime spot for those looking to capture the essence of Athens from above.

Chapel of St. George

At the top of Lycabettus Hill, visitors find the Chapel of St. George, a whitewashed structure dating back to the 19th century. Though modest in size, the chapel is a significant landmark for both locals and visitors, providing a quiet space for reflection against the backdrop of Athens. Occasionally, the chapel hosts weddings and baptisms, which adds to the local charm and allows visitors to observe Greek customs firsthand.

Outdoor Theater & Cultural Events

The Lycabettus Theater, an impressive outdoor venue carved into the hillside, is a place where you can enjoy a variety of performances and concerts. During the summer months, this theater attracts both international and Greek artists, offering a unique entertainment experience under the stars with the city lights in the horizon. Check local listings for event schedules and tickets prior to your visit to catch live performances.

Hiking Lycabettus Hill

For those interested in outdoor activity, there are well-maintained paths that wind up the hill, suitable for hikers of all levels. A walk to the summit promises not only exercise but also an evolving urban panorama leading up to a breathtaking 360-degree view of Athens. The hike is most rewarding at sunrise or sunset, when the light casts a warm glow over the city's landmarks.

Dining with a View

For an unparalleled dining experience, visit the hill's restaurant, Orizontes, which offers a menu of Mediterranean cuisine complemented by expansive views over Athens. It's an ideal spot for a meal after your climb or before an evening at the theater. The restaurant's terrace is especially popular, so consider booking ahead to secure a table with the best vantage point.

Flora and Fauna

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the diversity of plant life that thrives on Lycabettus Hill. The hill's slopes are dotted with pine trees, cypresses, and shrubs typical of the Mediterranean landscape. As for wildlife, while rare, it's possible to spot various bird species and even the occasional tortoise along your hike.

Accessibility and Transportation

While some choose to hike to the summit of Lycabettus Hill, others may prefer a less strenuous option. The Lycabettus Funicular is an easy way to reach the top without the exertion of climbing. The funicular's lower station is located on Ploutarchou Street and operates regularly throughout the day. Keep in mind that schedules can change seasonally.

Proximity to Other Attractions

Lycabettus Hill's central location in Athens means it is close to other noteworthy sites. After visiting Lycabettus, you might want to explore the upscale Kolonaki district at the base of the hill, known for its boutique shops and cafes. For history enthusiasts, it's also just a short distance from important historical sites such as the Acropolis and the National Archaeological Museum.

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