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Where Western civilization and democracy started.

Athens, an ancient city with a 3400-year history, is Greece's capital and features iconic landmarks like the Acropolis.

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Photo of Plaka in Greece

Scenic Old Town District

Explore Plaka's pedestrian streets, traditional Greek tavernas, local shops, ancient ruins, and lively music venues in Athens' historic heart.

Athens, the capital of Greece, is recognized for its significant contributions to the birth of democracy and Western civilization. The Acropolis stands as a symbol of the city's historical significance, and the Parthenon atop it remains a testament to ancient Greek architectural prowess. The city seamlessly integrates its storied past with a vibrant contemporary culture, exemplified by lively neighborhoods such as Plaka, Monastiraki, and Syntagma. Museums like the National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum provide in-depth insights into Athens' ancient heritage.

Ancient Ruins Beyond the Acropolis

While the Acropolis is a must-see, Athens is home to other significant historical sites that offer a deeper understanding of the city's past. The Ancient Agora, once the heart of public life, showcases well-preserved structures such as the Hephaisteion and the Stoa of Attalos, which houses the Agora Museum. Another noteworthy site is the Temple of Olympian Zeus, one of the largest temples in ancient Greece, taking over 700 years to complete. These sites serve as open-air museums, allowing visitors to walk through history.

Sampling Traditional Greek Cuisine

Athens' culinary scene offers an authentic taste of traditional Greek food. Local tavernas and street vendors provide a variety of dining experiences. For a deep dive into local flavors, visit the bustling Varvakios Agora, the central market where locals shop for fresh produce, meats, and traditional Greek ingredients. Make sure to try characteristic dishes like moussaka, souvlaki, and, of course, Greek salad. For those with a sweet tooth, a visit to a local bakery for baklava or loukoumades is essential.

Cultural Events and Festivals

Throughout the year, Athens hosts numerous cultural events and festivals that reflect its vibrant arts scene and tradition. The Athens Epidaurus Festival is one of the highlights, offering drama, dance, and music performances in historic venues, including the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. The city is also home to various art galleries and live music venues that feature both international and local talent.

Main Tourist Attractions

Apart from historical sites, Athens displays its modern side with places like the Technopolis in Gazi, an industrial museum and cultural venue that hosts exhibitions and concerts. Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is another contemporary space that combines the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera with an expansive park for leisure activities.

Parks and Green Spaces

Among Athens' urban landscape are several oases where locals and tourists can enjoy nature. The National Gardens provide a peaceful retreat near Syntagma Square with beautiful walks among native trees and plants. For panoramic views of Athens, a hike up to Mount Lycabettus is well worth the effort.

Day-to-Day Life in Athens

To experience Athens like a local, spend time in neighborhoods such as Kolonaki, where chic boutiques and cafes cater to the city's stylish residents. Alternatively, explore Kifissia in the north for its relaxed atmosphere and elegant mansions. Both areas offer a glance at the daily rhythms of life away from the tourist trail.

Getting Around Athens

The city's public transportation system is efficient and includes buses, trolleybuses, trams, and the Metro. The Metro, in particular, is noted for its reliability and cleanliness, with some stations displaying archaeological artifacts found during their construction. It connects major points of interest and allows for easy access to Piraeus port, facilitating day trips to nearby islands. Affordable taxi services and ride-sharing apps are also available for added convenience.

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