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Arbaer Open Air Museum

Experience Iceland's history at Árbær Open Air Museum with over 20 traditional buildings and craft shows.

Árbær Open Air Museum, located in Reykjavik, Iceland, offers a look into the past with its collection of over 20 historical buildings. Once a working farm, the museum has been transformed to show the historic architecture and lifestyle of Iceland's history.

Visitors to Árbær Open Air Museum step back in time to experience Icelandic life as it was. The open-air aspect means the museum isn't confined within walls; it is a real reconstruction of a traditional village. The buildings, which include homes, a church, and a school, were relocated from central Reykjavik and restored to their original condition. Each structure tells a story of Iceland's urban and rural history, demonstrating the changes from the 19th century to recent times.

The museum's staff, dressed in period costumes, engage in old crafts and daily activities, adding to the immersive experience. Demonstrations often include knitting, carving, and traditional games, offering insights into the skills and pastimes of Icelandic ancestors.

For those interested in the social aspects of history, Árbær Open Air Museum provides this too. It holds exhibits on Icelandic social history, giving context to the buildings and items on display. These exhibitions look into the social codes and cultural practices that influenced the everyday lives of Icelanders.

Visiting Árbær Open Air Museum is especially enjoyable during special events such as the Christmas program or the annual craft days, where the past is brought to life with extra enthusiasm. Visitors should wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking outdoors and dress in layers, as Reykjavik's weather can change, even in summer.

The museum is not only about Icelandic architecture and lifestyle but also serves as an educational resource that offers a detailed history lesson. It appeals to those who want to understand the cultural heritage of Iceland and experience history outside of regular museum spaces.

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