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Aurora Reykjavik

Visit Aurora Reykjavik to learn about the Northern Lights through hands-on displays and simulations.

Aurora Reykjavik, also known as the Northern Lights Center, is a facility dedicated to Iceland's most famous natural phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis. The center is notable for its interactive exhibits, informative displays, and the unique Northern Lights simulation, which offers a preview of the light show indoors.

Situated in the center of Reykjavik, Aurora Reykjavik provides a detailed look into the science and stories behind the Northern Lights. The center's exhibits explain the physics of the phenomenon and the impact of solar activity, while also covering the myths and legends that northern cultures have created about these celestial lights.

Visitors can look at high-quality photographs of the Aurora, contributing to a visual experience that captures the imagination. One of the main features is the multimedia space, where a high-definition projection of the Northern Lights stretches across a panoramic screen, with calming music. This simulation allows those who may not be able to see the lights in nature to experience their beauty.

The center also offers educational workshops and Northern Lights hunting tips, making it a good starting point for those planning to see the real display outside. Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the photography corner, as it provides tips on how to best photograph the Aurora.

For those interested in local culture, Aurora Reykjavik explains the role of the Aurora in Icelandic folklore and art. The gift shop has Northern Lights-themed souvenirs and artwork from Icelandic artists.

Advice for visitors: Aurora Reykjavik is open year-round, but visiting during the winter months may raise your chances of seeing the real Aurora Borealis at night. The center is accessible for visitors with disabilities and provides resources in several languages, serving an international audience. For a better experience, consider visiting during quieter hours when the center is less crowded.

Whether you're interested in science, photography, or just the Northern Lights, Aurora Reykjavik provides an educational and visually appealing experience that deepens your understanding of this natural light display.

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