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Rocca Calascio

Rocca Calascio in Abruzzo features a 10th-century fortress with panoramic views, medieval village charm, hiking trails, and the unique Church of Santa Maria della Pietà.

Rocca Calascio, located in the Abruzzo region of Italy, is known for its medieval fortress, one of the highest in the Apennines. The fortress, built in the 10th century, offers panoramic views of the surrounding Gran Sasso mountains. The nearby village, with its stone houses and narrow pathways, retains an authentic medieval atmosphere. The site is also known for its appearances in films like "Ladyhawke" and "The Name of the Rose."

Historical Significance of Rocca Calascio

Rocca Calascio's history is rooted in its strategic location. Built in the 10th century, the fortress was designed primarily as a military observation point rather than a residence. It played a vital role during medieval times, allowing control over the surrounding valleys and protecting nearby towns.

The primary attraction here is Rocca Calascio Castle. Renowned for its striking ruins and elevated position, it is one of the highest fortresses in the Apennines. The walk up to the castle is steep but rewarding, providing panoramic views of the Gran Sasso mountains. The castle itself is a simple but imposing structure, offering a glimpse into medieval defense mechanisms.

Church of Santa Maria della Pietà

Near the fortress, you will find the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà. This small octagonal church, built in the 16th century, stands out due to its unique architecture and isolated location. It serves as a peaceful spot for reflection, while also offering spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.


Trails like the one leading to Campo Imperatore offer scenic routes through rugged landscapes. These trails range in difficulty but all promise impressive vistas and an immersive experience with nature.

How to Get to Rocca Calascio

Reaching Rocca Calascio requires some planning. The closest major city is L'Aquila, from where you can take a bus or drive to the village. Public transportation options are limited, so renting a car might be the most convenient way to get there.

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