Canals, gondolas, and rich picturesque history.
Image of Venice in Italy
Image of Venice in Italy
Gondolfiera | Venice in Italy
Sunset in Venice | Venice in Italy
Venecia 678 | Venice in Italy
Image of Venice in Italy
Geoffroy Hauwen Photography | Venice in Italy
Photowalking by in Venice. | Venice in Italy
Perspective on the wet streets | Venice in Italy
Gondole | Venice in Italy
Rialto Bridge | Venice in Italy
Image of Venice in Italy
arsenal | Venice in Italy
Canale della Giudecca. Foto scattata da me a Venezia il 22.8.01. | Venice in Italy
AcquaAlta1 12 2008 3 | Venice in Italy
Arsenale (Venice) - Sea gates | Venice in Italy
Ca' d'Oro, Venice facade by Bartolomeo Bon. | Venice in Italy
Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice | Venice in Italy
Cruise ships on the Giudecca Canal calling Venezia port (Terminal Passeggeri), Italy. | Venice in Italy
Ca' Loredan, Venice, facade on Grand Canal | Venice in Italy
Baicoli, famous venetian biscuits | Venice in Italy
Venetian corner | Venice in Italy
When in Venice… | Venice in Italy
Venice, rio dell'Arsenale | Venice in Italy
Burano tones | Venice in Italy
Gondole in Venice | Venice in Italy
a bridge in venice | Venice in Italy
Early morning calm on venice | Venice in Italy
Image of Venice in Italy
I took this shot during an Unsplash photowalk organized in Italy. | Venice in Italy
Image of Venice in Italy
On a sunny gondola ride in Venice, I snapped this with a bad glare in my eyes. Turns out it was one lucky shot because it’s one of my favorite images from Europe! | Venice in Italy
Outside view of the front of Hotel Danieli (former Dandolo Palace) in Venice, Italy. Date of picture: 27 May 2012. | Venice in Italy
Masks at Carnival of Venice 2010 | Venice in Italy
Chiesa del Redentore, Venezia | Venice in Italy
Chiesa di San Giorgio dei Greci  Venezia | Venice in Italy
Ca' Vendramin Calergi, Venezia - facciata  di Mauro Codussi. | Venice in Italy
Campanile of St. Mark's Basilica - remote view | Venice in Italy
Brilliance of the Seas and other cruise ships docked at Venezia Terminal Passeggeri (Port of Venice, Italy). | Venice in Italy
Ca'Rezzonico, Venice facade of Giorgio Massari | Venice in Italy
 Sant'Andrea della Zirada and People mover Venice. | Venice in Italy
City in 🇮🇹 Italy with a population of around 260 thousand people.

Venice is a city of romance, mystery and intrigue. With its labyrinthine alleyways, gondola-filled canals and crumbling palaces, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Wander through the narrow streets of the Dorsoduro district, explore the grandeur of St Mark’s Basilica or take a trip out to the islands of Murano and Burano for a taste of true Venetian life. Be sure to enjoy a coffee or a spritz in a traditional bacaro, and don’t miss the chance to experience a gondola ride at night – the city’s most magical time.


What people say about Venice

You have to see it once, but once is enough.


One of the most beautiful cities in the world. BUT so full of tourists that it feels more like a very big museum than a city nowadays. That everything is targeted towards tourists affects the quality of most things, and we had some of our worst meals in Italy here as well as a pretty crap hotel. The architecture and canals are truly spectacular, but the highlight was getting away from the crowds a bit to visit one the island of Lido and having a draft dark Moretti lager on a small square. Venice is the kind of place that I am happy to have seen, and probably never will go back to.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Venice.