Opera house in Milan

Teatro alla Scala

Discover Teatro alla Scala in Milan, a historic opera house renowned for top-tier ballet, opera, and classic concerts since 1778.

Teatro alla Scala, located in the heart of Milan, is one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world. Known for its rich history and its association with the finest in Italian opera, it has hosted performances by some of the most renowned artists and composers since its inauguration in 1778. The opera house is also home to the La Scala Theatre Chorus, La Scala Theatre Ballet, and La Scala Theatre Orchestra. Architecturally significant, its neoclassical interior is adorned with red velvet, gold leaf, and crystal chandeliers, offering an elegant setting for the exquisite performances held within its walls.

Performances and Events

Teatro alla Scala is renowned for its high-quality opera performances, playing a key role in the cultural landscape of Milan. Throughout the year, visitors can enjoy a rich program that includes operas, ballets, and classical concerts. The opera season traditionally opens on December 7th, Saint Ambrose's Day, the feast day of Milan's patron saint. This is a highlight of the cultural year in the city, attracting celebrities and dignitaries. For a truly unforgettable experience, secure a ticket to one of these highly anticipated performances.

Scala Museum

Attached to the opera house is the Museo Teatrale alla Scala (La Scala Theatre Museum), which should be on the itinerary of any visitor. The museum houses a vast array of costumes, musical instruments, and portraits, providing insight into the history of La Scala and the artists who have performed there. A visit here offers an excellent historical and cultural context to any performance you attend.

Architectural Features and Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Visiting Teatro alla Scala also presents an opportunity to admire its architectural beauty. From the main stage to the gilded balconies and the exquisite foyer, the opera house is a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship. For those interested in what goes on behind the curtain, behind-the-scenes tours are available. These tours take visitors through the remarkable auditorium, the royal box, and even the backstage areas, offering a glimpse into the daily life of one of Italy's most hallowed cultural institutions.

Dining Options

For those looking to complement their visit with a meal, there are several dining options in and around La Scala. Within walking distance, you will find restaurants that serve traditional Milanese dishes as well as contemporary Italian cuisine. Whether you're seeking a quick bite before a performance or a leisurely post-theatre dinner, there are choices to suit all palates and budgets.

Dress Code and Cultural Etiquette

Attending a performance at Teatro alla Scala is an occasion, and while there is no strict dress code, smart evening attire is recommended to match the venue's elegant atmosphere. Visitors should also be aware of the cultural etiquette, such as turning off mobile phones and refraining from talking during the performance, to ensure an enjoyable experience for all audience members.

Accessibility and Seating

Teatro alla Scala is committed to being accessible to all audience members. A range of seating options is available, from more affordable seats in the higher tiers to premium seats with optimal views of the stage. It's advisable to book early as performances often sell out quickly, especially for debut shows and special events. The opera house also offers discounted tickets for under-30s, making performances accessible to younger audiences.

Ticket Purchase and Best Times to Visit

Tickets for performances at La Scala can be purchased online or directly at the box office. To avoid long queues and ensure the best seats, it's advisable to book as far in advance as possible. While every season at La Scala offers something special, planning your visit during traditional holiday seasons like Christmas or Easter can provide additional festive performances unique to these periods.

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