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Kongeparken in Norway offers over 50 rides, a Chocolate Factory, Norway's longest bobsleigh, and seasonal events for all ages.

Welcome to Kongeparken, a family-friendly amusement park in Norway that caters to adventure seekers of all ages. Here, visitors can enjoy over 50 attractions including the humorous and unique Chocolate Factory, the thrilling G-force on the Humla ride, and Norway's longest bobsleigh track. Located near Stavanger, the park also hosts annual events that bring additional excitement throughout the seasons, making it a lively destination for both local and international visitors.

Family-Friendly Activities

Families visiting Kongeparken will find a wide array of activities that are perfect for young guests and those young at heart. The Barnas Brannstasjon or Children's Fire Station allows kids to learn about firefighting and participate in putting out a 'fire'. They can also interact with farm animals at Traktorbanen, where they drive small tractors through a scenic, rural course.

Unique Rides and Experiences

For thrill-seekers, the Humla takes you spinning and soaring with significant G-force, while the Ormen Lange provides the longest bobsleigh experience in Norway. Make sure to check out the Fossen log flume ride that offers a cooling splash, especially delightful on a sunny day.

Interactive Workshops for Children

Kongeparken also offers interactive workshops such as the Sjokoladefabrikken, or Chocolate Factory, where children can don their chef hats and make their own chocolate bars. Additionally, the Freia Sjokoladehus allows for a sweet decorating session with a large variety of confectionery toppings.

Seasonal Events and Shows

Year-round, the park hosts seasonal events like Jul i Kongeparken, a Christmas-themed extravaganza, and The Halloween Festival, where costumes and eerie fun are abundant. Check the schedule before your visit to see what special events may coincide with your stay.

Dining Options Within the Park

When it comes to dining, Kongeparken has various options suited to every taste. Gjestegården serves traditional Norwegian cuisine and is a great spot for a sit-down meal, while several kiosks around the park offer quick bites like Favoritten, known for its hearty sausages.

Accessibility and Facilities for Visitors

The park is designed with accessibility in mind. Wheelchair rental services are available, and most attractions are wheelchair-friendly. There are also numerous points of rest with benches, family-friendly restrooms, and baby care rooms located throughout the park.

Ticket Pricing and Value Passes

Entry to Kongeparken can be customized to fit any budget. Single-day passes provide access to all rides, while season passes offer unlimited visits and perks like discounts on food and merchandise. Remember to check the park's website for online discounts and family ticket packages.

Nearby Accommodations for Visitors

For those looking to stay overnight, nearby accommodations offer comfort after a day of excitement. Options range from the high-end Sverd i Fjell, with its stunning views, to budget-friendly choices like Gjesdal Gjestgiveri. Both are within a short driving distance to the park.

Transportation Options to Kongeparken

Reaching Kongeparken is easy via public transportation from Stavanger. The bus service is regular and stops right outside the park. For those driving, there's ample parking available on site. Renting a car might be a good option if you plan to explore other nearby attractions such as the picturesque Lysefjord.

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