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Magic Water Circuit

Discover Lima's Magic Water Circuit, a record-holding complex of 13 interactive fountains pairing water displays with light and music.

The Magic Water Circuit in Lima, Peru, is a fusion of water, light, music, and technology that comes together to create a unique experience. Situated in the Parque de la Reserva, a historic park, this attraction features 13 distinct fountains, some of which offer interactive experiences. The park's ambitious design has earned it recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest fountain complex in the world. Visitors can enjoy the main show at the Fantasy Fountain, where synchronized jets of water are projected to heights of up to 80 meters.

Fountain Shows and Schedule

The centerpiece of the Magic Water Circuit is the Fantasy Fountain, known for its dramatic display that couples water movement with a stunning light show and music. A must-see is the choreographed water spectacle that takes place here. The shows typically begin after dark and occur at set intervals throughout the evening. Make sure to check the schedule upon arrival so you can plan your visit around these memorable performances.

Interactive Water Features

The park is not just about passive viewing; several fountains are interactive. The Tunnel of Surprises (Túnel de las Sorpresas) allows visitors to walk through a water archway, and the Labyrinth of Dreams (Laberinto del Ensueño) invites guests to navigate through a maze of water jets. These interactive attractions are especially popular with children and offer a refreshing respite on warm days.

Costs and Ticket Information

Entrance to the Magic Water Circuit is highly affordable, making it a great option for budget-conscious travelers and families. Tickets are purchased at the entrance, and once inside, visitors have unlimited access to all fountains and shows for the evening.

Accessibility Within the Park

The park is well laid out, with pathways between fountains accommodating both foot traffic and those with accessibility needs. Benches are strategically placed for those who wish to take a break and still enjoy the views of the fountains.

Park History and Records

As part of the Parque de la Reserva, the Magic Water Circuit has historical significance. The park itself is a testament to the city's dedication to public spaces and has been transformed into this record-holding fountain complex. The significance of water in Peruvian culture is reflected in the care and creativity put into this urban oasis.

Nearby Attractions and Amenities

Surrounding the Magic Water Circuit, visitors have a variety of options for dining and shopping. Local Peruvian cuisine is available in nearby restaurants, allowing you to taste traditional dishes after enjoying the park's visual feast. Souvenir shops offer a range of items that make for perfect keepsakes or gifts.

Visitor Facilities and Services

The park is equipped with visitor facilities, including restrooms and information centers where guests can learn more about each fountain's features. First aid stations are also available in case of any minor mishaps.

Cultural Events and Performances at the Park

Aside from its standing attractions, the Magic Water Circuit often plays host to cultural events and live performances. These may include dance shows, concerts, or festivals that showcase Peruvian traditions.Visiting during these times provides an enhanced cultural experience.

Remember to bring your camera as the photo opportunities here are spectacular, especially at night when the fountains are fully lit up!

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