Science Museum in Warsaw

Copernicus Science Centre

Explore interactive science exhibits, a state-of-the-art planetarium, and educational workshops at Warsaw's Copernicus Science Centre.

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The Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw stands as a modern tribute to discovery and learning. This hands-on science museum features interactive exhibits that cater to inquisitive minds of all ages, from the 'Roots of Civilization' to the 'LightZone', engaging visitors with the wonders of science. The Centre also includes a planetarium, named the Heavens of Copernicus, which immerses guests in stunning astronomical presentations. Whether experimenting in the laboratories or exploring the laws of physics through play, the Copernicus Science Centre offers a stimulating environment for fostering curiosity and understanding of the scientific world.

Interactive Exhibits

The interactive exhibits at the Copernicus Science Centre are a highlight, encouraging hands-on learning across various fields. One must-visit section is the 'Roots of Civilization', where you can delve into ancient technology and the beginnings of science. For those fascinated by the senses, 'LightZone' offers a series of experiments with light, optics, and colors. Every exhibit is designed to be engaging, making it educational yet enjoyable for both children and adults alike.

The Planetarium – Heavens of Copernicus

For astronomy lovers, the Heavens of Copernicus is a state-of-the-art planetarium within the Centre. Here, one can embark on a cosmic journey through high-definition projections of the night sky and beyond. The diverse program ranges from sessions on star constellations to full-dome films that take you on a trip through space and time. Remember to check the schedule in advance and book your spot for this out-of-this-world experience.

Workshops and Educational Activities

Regular workshops and educational programs run throughout the year at the Copernicus Science Centre, offering deeper insights into various scientific topics. These activities are suitable for all age groups, affording a chance to participate in experiments and demonstrations led by knowledgeable staff. There's also the Robotic Theatre, where robots play out scenes demonstrating physics principles in an entertaining way that captivates audiences.

Accessibility Features

A key aspect of the Centre is its commitment to accessibility. With facilities equipped to assist visitors with disabilities, including tactile paths, audio descriptions, and sign language availability on certain days, the Centre ensures a welcoming environment for all guests. Information on such features is available at the information desks and on the Centre's website.

Onsite Dining Options

If you're spending a full day at the Centre, you'll find several onsite dining options offering meals and snacks. From cafes to more substantial fare, options are available to suit different tastes and dietary needs. It's a convenient way to recharge before continuing your explorations.

Location and Transport Links

Located on the bank of the Vistula River in Warsaw, the Copernicus Science Centre is easily accessible by public transport, with multiple bus and tram stops nearby. For those driving, there are designated parking areas available as well. It's situated in a lively part of the city, with neighboring attractions such as the Warsaw University Library with its beautiful rooftop gardens and the vibrant boulevards along the river.

Nearby Attractions

After immersing yourself in science at the Centre, you might want to visit other nearby cultural attractions. The Warsaw Old Town, a short distance away, provides a historical contrast to the modernity of the science museum. Meanwhile, the nearby University of Warsaw Library boasts impressive architecture and a rooftop garden that offers picturesque views of the city – making it an ideal place for a leisurely stroll.

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