The Pomeranian capital has a complex past and bright future.

Explore Gdansk's WWII Museum, taste local herring, and learn about its maritime history and key role in the Solidarity movement.

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Photo of Long Market in Poland

Vibrant Heart of Gdańsk

Explore the historical Long Market in Gdańsk, Poland, renowned for its heritage architecture, Neptune's Fountain, local food, and vibrant shops.

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Old Town Walking Tour

Discover Gdansk Old Town's historical architecture, like the medieval Gdansk Crane, dine on traditional Polish cuisine, and shop for artisan crafts.

Gdansk, a city on the Baltic coast of Poland, has a complex history entwined with various European powers. As a former principal city of the Hanseatic League, it played a major role in the region's maritime trade. Today, Gdansk remains a key port city and is known for its reconstructed Main Town with elaborate architecture, the monumental WWII Museum, and as the birthplace of the Solidarity movement at the Gdansk Shipyard, which had a significant impact on the downfall of communism in Central Europe.

Historical Significance: World War II and Solidarity Movement

Gdansk's history is densely packed with pivotal events, especially relating to World War II and the Solidarity movement. The Museum of the Second World War is a must-visit for those interested in a deep dive into the effects and significance of the war, not only in Poland but globally. The museum's immersive exhibits bring visitors face-to-face with the era's harrowing realities. Similarly, the European Solidarity Centre, located at the entrance to the historic shipyards, provides an in-depth look at the struggle against communism and the transformative changes sparked by the local Solidarity movement. Visitors can learn about pivotal figures, like Lech Wałęsa, and understand how Gdansk's events reshaped modern Europe.

Gdansk’s Architecture

The city's architecture reflects its storied past, and one can spend hours wandering through the Main Town, admiring the restored facades that mirror the original medieval structures. Significant buildings include the Gdansk Town Hall and Artus Court, which showcase rich histories in their detailed interiors. St. Mary's Church, one of the largest brick churches in the world, offers sweeping views from its tower and insight into Gothic architecture.

Local Cuisine

A visit to Gdansk isn't complete without sampling local dishes. Due to its coastal location, fish, especially herring, play a significant role in Gdansk's culinary scene. Local restaurants along the waterfront serve fresh seafood and reinterpretations of Polish classics. Additionally, the covered Gdansk Market Hall offers a range of traditional foods and provides a glimpse into the local shopping culture.

Maritime Heritage and Amber Industry

Gdansk's maritime history is on display in attractions such as the Gdansk Maritime Museum and the historic cranes at the waterfront. For those interested in Gdansk’s famous amber industry, a visit to the Amber Museum showcases the history of this precious resin and its importance to the local economy.

Green Spaces and Day Trips

Visitors seeking nature can find solace in Oliwa Park, known for its verdant landscapes and peacocks roaming freely. In addition to this green oasis, day trips to the sandy beaches of Sopot or to the impressive Teutonic Castle in Malbork – the world's largest castle measured by land area – are popular among both locals and tourists alike.

Public Transport

Getting around Gdansk is facilitated by an extensive public transportation system. Buses and trams run regularly throughout the city and are an efficient way to reach the various neighborhoods and attractions mentioned above.

Events and Festivals

Throughout the year, Gdansk hosts a variety of events that embrace its culture and history. These include the St. Dominic's Fair, which transforms the city into a vibrant marketplace each summer, and the Gdansk Shakespeare Festival, celebrating the city’s unique connection with Elizabethan theater.

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