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The Old Town

Explore Romania's Old Town for a blend of historic architecture, traditional cuisine, cultural events, and accessible museums.

The Old Town in Romania is a central district rich in history and culture, attracting visitors with its blend of architectural styles, from medieval to neoclassical. Notable landmarks include the 15th-century Stavropoleos Monastery, the imposing Manuc's Inn, and the ruins of the Old Princely Court. The area is also known for its vibrant nightlife, with numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants housed in restored historical buildings.

Traditional Romanian Cuisine

In the Old Town, culinary exploration is a must for any traveler. One of the standout experiences in this neighborhood is Caru' cu Bere, a restaurant established in 1879, renowned for its traditional Romanian dishes and period-style interior. For a taste of local flavors, visitors should try sarmale (cabbage rolls) or mititei (grilled minced meat rolls), followed by a slice of papanasi (a sweet cheese doughnut) for dessert. Several eateries around Strada Smârdan and Strada Lipscani offer outdoor seating, adding to the vibrant dining atmosphere.

Unique Local Traditions and Cultural Events

Throughout the year, the Old Town hosts various cultural events reflecting Romania's rich traditions. The Romanian Peasant Museum frequently organizes craft fairs and folk festivals showcasing traditional music, dance, and artisanal crafts. These events provide insights into Romania's cultural heritage and are opportunities to purchase unique, locally-made souvenirs.

Key Attractions and Museums

Stavropoleos Monastery

Amid the Old Town's labyrinthine streets stands the Stavropoleos Monastery, a significant religious site with intricate frescoes and wood carvings that exemplify Romanian Orthodox tradition. Its peaceful courtyard offers respite from the city's activity.

Manuc's Inn

Another highlight is Manuc's Inn, which gives visitors a glimpse into the life of 19th-century travelers and merchants. This historic inn also serves as a venue for various cultural events and exhibitions.

National Museum of Romanian History

The National Museum of Romanian History presents extensive exhibits on Romanian history from prehistoric times to the modern era. Its collection includes the national treasury with medieval jewelry and ancient artifacts.

Cost Considerations for Travelers

The Old Town provides a range of options to suit various budgets. Entry fees for museums and historical sites are generally reasonable. Dining out can vary from modestly-priced bistros serving substantial local fare to more upscale restaurants offering a fine dining experience.

The Natural Environment and Green Spaces

While known for its cobblestone streets and historical buildings, the Old Town also offers access to nearby Cismigiu Gardens, Bucharest's oldest park. A short walk from the area's hustle and bustle, these well-maintained gardens are perfect for leisurely strolls or picnics by the lake.

The Daily Life and Atmosphere

Visitors looking to feel the day-to-day vibe of the Old Town can meander through its open-air markets or visit during one of the neighborhood's occasional street festivals. Living history is evident as locals go about their daily routines against the backdrop of the Old Town's architecture.

Public Transportation and Walkability

Getting around the Old Town is relatively straightforward as it is well-served by public transport, including buses and metro services. The area is also highly conducive to walking, with many attractions in close proximity that invite exploration on foot. For destinations slightly further away, taxis are readily available at reasonable rates.

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