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Therme Bucharest

Explore Therme Bucharest's thermal pools, saunas, spa treatments, and dining surrounded by Europe's largest urban beach.

Therme Bucharest is a vast wellness complex near the Romanian capital, combining thermal relaxation with modern leisure facilities. It hosts one of the largest urban beaches in Europe and offers a variety of thermal pools, themed saunas, and botanical gardens. Designed to provide a restorative experience, it blends the benefits of thermal waters with the comforts of contemporary amenities. Visitors can indulge in spa treatments, relax in the numerous water areas, or explore a fusion of global sauna rituals.

Pools and Saunas

At the heart of Therme Bucharest, visitors will find a wide range of pools and saunas aimed at full-body relaxation and rejuvenation. The Galaxy area caters to families with children, where a wave pool and waterslides provide lively entertainment. Adults seeking tranquility can head to The Palm, an area exclusively for those over 16. Here, a selection of thermal pools with hydro-massage features and a pool bar offer a relaxing retreat.

For those particularly interested in the therapeutic benefits of heat, the sauna area is not to be missed. Among these, the Hollywood Sauna, with its regular thematic shows, is particularly popular. Traditional Finnish saunas, as well as an aromatic herbal sauna, provide guests with diverse thermal experiences. The panoramic view of the complex from the top of the saunas adds to the immersive experience.

Spa Treatments and Relaxation Services

For visitors looking to enhance their relaxation, Therme Bucharest offers a variety of spa treatments. From classic massages to facial treatments using nourishing mineral-rich products, there is a service tailored to every need. These can be booked upon arrival and are provided by experienced therapists. Additionally, Therme Bucharest has a dedicated area called The Elysium, where wellness rituals from around the world are performed in unique settings, such as the Himalayan salt room.

Dining and Cuisine

Refueling after a day of soaking and sauna-hopping is convenient thanks to the multiple dining options available onsite. Visitors can enjoy a wide selection of meals and snacks including fresh salads, grill dishes, and desserts. The facility prides itself on quality ingredients and offers both indoor seating areas and terraces where guests can dine surrounded by views of the botanical gardens.

Accessibility and Transportation

Therme Bucharest is situated approximately 20 kilometers north of the city center, making it accessible by car or public transport. There is ample parking for those who choose to drive. For public transport users, several bus lines stop near the complex. Additionally, Therme Bucharest operates its own shuttle service from various pick-up points in Bucharest, with a schedule available on their website.

Admissions and Practical Information

Therme Bucharest has tailored its pricing to be accessible while maintaining high standards of service. Entry fees vary depending on the time of day and week, with reduced rates for children and additional charges for certain premium services like spa treatments or private lounges. Opening hours extend from early morning till late at night, accommodating both early birds and night owls.

Special Events

Alongside its regular offerings, Therme Bucharest hosts special events such as themed nights, DJ sessions, live performances, and holiday celebrations that enhance the atmosphere. These events are often held in The Palm area or within the central dome, turning the space into a vibrant social spot for adults. Details and dates for such occasions are typically announced in advance on their website or social media channels.

When planning a visit to Therme Bucharest, checking the calendar for these special happenings can add an exciting dimension to your spa experience.

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