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A city of Baroque architecture, historical sites like the Carmelite Church and County Hall, and traditional Serbian cuisine.

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Located in the northern part of Serbia, Sombor is a city with with 18th-century elegance, thanks to its Baroque architecture, tree-lined avenues, and the preserved buildings of the pedestrian-friendly city center. The Carmelite Church and the County Hall with its unique watchtower offer a glimpse into the region's history. The city's symbol is the Green Fountain, and the oldest secondary school, Gymnasium "Veljko Petrović", named after the famous Serbian poet born here.

Carmelite Church and County Hall

In Sombor, the Carmelite Church stands as an architectural marvel for visitors to explore. This religious site, with a history dating back centuries, represents the spiritual heritage of the city. Additionally, the County Hall captures attention not only with its classical design but also with the distinctive watchtower that offers panoramic views of Sombor and its surroundings. Visiting these landmarks will give you a deeper appreciation for the city's past and architectural prowess.

Traditional Serbian Cuisine in Sombor

To experience the local flavors of Sombor, one should seek out restaurants serving traditional Serbian cuisine. A must-try dish is the "čvarci," a type of pork rind often enjoyed as a snack or appetizer. For a more substantial meal, "sarma," cabbage rolls filled with meat and rice, provides a filling and flavorful option. These local dishes reflect Sombor's culinary traditions and are often found in dining establishments throughout the city.

Cultural Events and Festivals

If timing allows, witnessing the cultural events and festivals in Sombor can offer unique insights into local customs and artistic expressions. Events such as the "Somborsko Leto" (Sombor Summer) festival highlight local music, theatre, and folklore, creating vibrant gatherings that are open to all.

The Great Bačka Canal

For those who appreciate nature and outdoor activities, the Great Bačka Canal presents a perfect locale. The canal's serene waters are suitable for fishing, boating, or simply taking a peaceful walk along its banks. On warm days, locals and tourists alike take advantage of this natural resource for recreation and relaxation.

Gymnasium "Veljko Petrović"

Visitors interested in educational history should not miss Gymnasium "Veljko Petrović". Named after a renowned Serbian poet, this historical school is an integral part of Sombor's cultural identity and also one of the oldest high schools in the country. The institution's enduring legacy can be felt while walking through its halls or admiring its neoclassical façade.

Transportation Options in Sombor

The city center with its compact size is easily navigable on foot or by bicycle, which is a popular choice amongst locals. For longer distances or trips to surrounding areas, reliable public buses run regularly, with tickets available at nominal prices.

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