Historic Suburb & Danube Riverfront in Belgrade


Explore Zemun, a Belgrade suburb with historic Austro-Hungarian architecture, traditional Serbian cuisine, and scenic Danube waterfront.

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Zemun, a historic suburb of Belgrade, sits at the confluence of the River Danube and Sava, where its waterfront provides a scenic walkway and rows of floating cafes. The area is known for its enduring Austro-Hungarian architecture, visible in buildings like the Millennium Tower atop Gardos Hill. The narrow streets of Zemun's old town are lined with traditional Balkan-style houses, reflecting the district's past as a separate town before being absorbed into the fabric of Belgrade.

Millennium Tower atop Gardos Hill

The Millennium Tower, also known as Gardos Tower, commands a panoramic view of Zemun and the Danube River. This site, significant for its historical role as a defense point, is a great starting place for visitors. You can climb to the top of the tower for a small fee and enjoy the vista that stretches across to Belgrade and beyond.

Traditional Cuisine of Zemun at Local Restaurants

Zemun's restaurants provide a taste of traditional Serbian cuisine, with specialties such as 'ćevapi' (grilled minced meat), 'sarma' (cabbage rolls), and 'ajvar' (pepper-based condiment). Seasonal dishes, which often include locally-caught fish from the Danube, are served at establishments like "Šaran" and "Casa Nova", offering an authentic dining experience by the riverfront.

Cultural Traditions and Festivals

Zemun hosts several cultural events that give insight into the area's traditions. The Zemun Festival, taking place in the summer, celebrates local music and arts. The festival is an excellent occasion for visitors to engage with the community and experience Zemun’s vibrant culture firsthand.

Natural Scenery along the Danube River

For nature enthusiasts, a stroll along the Zemun Quay by the Danube River offers a peaceful respite. This long pathway is perfect for walking or cycling while observing swans glide by on the water. Lined with trees and offering numerous spots to rest, it's a preferred area for locals to relax and socialize.

Everyday Life in Zemun's Old Town

Wandering through Zemun's old town’s narrow streets offers a glimpse into the daily lives of its residents. The Gospodska Street, known for its small shops and boutiques, is a good place to observe the hustle of local commerce and craftsmanship still alive in Zemun.

Transportation in Zemun

Zemun is well-served by Belgrade's public transportation system, with buses connecting it to various parts of the city. Renting a bicycle is also a popular option for exploring the district more intimately or you could take a scenic taxi boat ride along the Danube for a different perspective of Zemun.

In summary, Zemun is a place where you can find rich history, local culinary delights, enduring traditions, and picturesque nature, all interconnected by its accessible streets and friendly atmosphere.

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