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Top-ranked Sandhammaren beach and pine forests, close to the ancient Ales Stones monument.

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Welcome to Hagestad, a beautiful nature reserve located in the southernmost part of Sweden. It's home to a unique ecosystem and a stunning sandy beach, known as Sandhammaren, often ranked as Sweden's top beach.

The park's mixed landscapes of dense forests, open pastures, and sandy dunes create a variety of habitats for different bird species. It's not uncommon to spot a rare Red-backed Shrike or an imposing White-tailed Eagle.

There are several marked trails running through the reserve, taking you through lush forests, open pastures, and sand dunes. One of the most popular routes is the Backåkra circular trail, which includes a stop at the charming old farmyard, Backåkra.

Sandhammaren beach, situated on the reserve's edge, is considered one of the best beaches in Sweden. The beach is famous for its fine white sand and clear waters, making it a great spot for swimming during the summer months. However, the beach is equally beautiful in the winter months when you can enjoy long walks along the deserted shoreline.

Nearby the nature reserve, you can find Kåseberga, a small fishing village that's home to Ales Stones, a remarkable megalithic monument. This ancient stone ship, believed to be a burial site from the early Iron Age, offers a fantastic view over the sea and surrounding landscape.

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