Nature reserve in Sweden

Halle- Hunnebergs platåer

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Halle- Hunnebergs platåer is a large, open plateau in the north of Sweden. The plateau is a vast, windswept expanse of rolling hills, rocky outcrops and wide, open meadows. The area is popular with hikers and mountain bikers, and is also home to a number of small villages and farms. The views from the plateau are stunning, with dramatic vistas over the surrounding countryside. The plateau is also home to a number of rare plants and animals.

What people say about Halle- Hunnebergs platåer


Wandering in the forests and around the lakes of Halle- Hunneberg is a great way to spend your day. There are moose here, too, and deer, but you'll have to be lucky and quiet to spot them. From the 5 visits I made he, I saw a moose twice. Once I even had a chance to observe it eating a small leafy tree :-)


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