Stadsdelen Stadshagen i Nyköpings tätort | Nyköping in Sweden
Tornhusen vid Rosvalla i Nyköpings kommun. | Nyköping in Sweden
Rökeriet Nyköping | Nyköping in Sweden
Picture of Vattugränd, Nyköping's oldest street | Nyköping in Sweden
Maingate | Nyköping in Sweden
Sankta Katarina kyrka i Nyköpings kommun | Nyköping in Sweden
Aktiebolaget Sunlight gamla kontor | Nyköping in Sweden
Residential buildings at Brandholmen in Nyköping | Nyköping in Sweden
Stora torget i Nyköping hösten 2005

Photo: Niklas Nordblad | Nyköping in Sweden
Culturum i Nyköping | Nyköping in Sweden
Catholic Church in Nyköping | Nyköping in Sweden
sv:Nyköpingshus 13 maj 2006.

Fotograf: Niklas Nordblad | Nyköping in Sweden
Photograph (2013) of Villa Sturegården, Nyköping, by Swedish architect Erik Gunnar Asplund, 1913. | Nyköping in Sweden
Town in 🇸🇪 Sweden with a population of around 30 thousand people.

Nyköping is a small city on the south-east coast of Sweden, situated about 100km south of Stockholm. It’s a convenient base for exploring the surrounding area, with plenty of outdoor activities on offer, as well as a few interesting historical sights. The city centre is compact and easy to explore on foot, with a mix of old and new buildings, and a few parks and green spaces. There’s a good range of shops and restaurants, and a lively nightlife, particularly in the summer months. Nyköping is also a convenient base for exploring the nearby lakes and forests, and for taking day trips to Stockholm and other nearby towns and cities.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Nyköping.