Nature Spot in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Canyon

Chiang Mai Canyon: Enjoy cliff jumping, swimming, and quiet views, just 17km away. Safe with walking paths.

Chiang Mai Canyon, once a desolate quarry, has been changed by nature into a leisurely attraction. It offers a refreshing change from Chiang Mai's urban attractions with its water body surrounded by sheer rock faces.

Chiang Mai Canyon, locally known as Grand Canyon Chiang Mai, is a scenic retreat about 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) southwest of Chiang Mai’s Old City. The center of the site is a man-made lake that filled with water after years of excavation, creating a peaceful spot for visitors.

With edges reaching a height of 30 meters (98 feet), the canyon draws those interested in cliff jumping. Those looking for rest can sit on bamboo rafts on the water, providing a calm place to enjoy the view. The canyon welcomes swimmers with its clear waters, but one should watch out for the deep areas and possible undercurrents.

The site includes walking paths for those wanting a walk on land. Guests can follow these routes, seeing the canyon's rough features and the occasional small areas of greenery.

Safety measures, such as lifeguards and available life jackets, make the area safer for visitors. It's important to remember that the terrain can be risky on rainy days, with slippery paths and changing water levels.

A manageable entrance fee goes towards the maintenance and safety of the site. Chiang Mai Canyon shows nature's ability to recover, offering a unique mix of excitement and calmness among the city’s attractions.

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