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Sunday Walking Street Market

Chiang Mai's Sunday Walking Street Market offers local crafts, Thai food, and cultural shows from 4 PM to midnight.

Each Sunday, as dusk approaches, Chiang Mai's heart becomes the Sunday Walking Street Market. This market extends from Tha Pae Gate to Ratchadamnoen Road, presenting local crafts, food, and entertainment. Local craftspeople display their work here, along with stalls that offer tastes of Northern Thailand's cuisine.

As you step into the Sunday Walking Street Market, a range of stalls invite exploration, each showing items such as handcrafted jewelry, woodwork, and clothing. The scents of street food fill the air, with options including grilled meats, tropical fruits, and Chiang Mai sausage.

This market experience goes beyond shopping; it's a deep dive into local culture. Traditional music and dance performances happen often, especially in temple courtyards. Along the route, scenes reveal the local way of life within the old city.

Art lovers will enjoy the works from local painters and illustrators featuring Thai myths and landscapes. The market also has lanterns and silk products, which are traditional crafts of the area.

The food is a highlight, with Thai favorites like pad Thai and mango sticky rice, as well as more unusual choices such as fried bugs. Sweets and iced drinks offer relief from the heat.

It's a good idea to have cash on hand, as most vendors don't take credit cards. The market gets very busy between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM, so getting there earlier can provide a more relaxed experience. Operating hours are 4:00 PM to midnight, and those who arrive early will enjoy a quieter atmosphere. This market is an opportunity to take a piece of Chiang Mai’s culture home.

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