Capital of 🇺🇦Ukraine


Golden domes and a spirit that never surrenders.

Exploring Kyiv reveals a blend of historic charm and modern life, with UNESCO heritage sites, vibrant civic squares, and traditional cuisine.

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Photo of Kyiv Funicular in Ukraine

Kyiv Funicular

Explore the Kyiv Funicular, linking Kyiv's high city to Podil since 1905, offering scenic city and river views during its brief journey.

A relatively less explored European capital, Kyiv in Ukraine offers an unexpected blend of old-world charm and contemporary urban life. This city, steeped in history and culture, is home to an array of monumental cathedrals, a thriving art scene, and a populace that is as warm as it is resilient.

The heart of Kyiv beats in its city center, where remnants of its rich past coexist with signs of its progressive future. Its historic heart is a showcase of centuries-old Orthodox churches, the most renowned being the Saint Sophia Cathedral and the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, both holding UNESCO World Heritage status. With their golden domes and intricate mosaics, these structures are a testament to Kyiv's medieval past.

While the city takes great pride in its history, it is no stranger to contemporary life. For instance, the Maidan Nezalezhnosti, or Independence Square, serves as a focal point for modern civic life. It is here that locals and visitors alike gather for events, demonstrations, or simply to socialise.

The people of Kyiv, whether of urban or rural origin, are known for their hospitality and their deep love for their traditions. You may notice this in the local gastronomy scene - a visit to Kyiv isn't complete without trying borscht, a hearty beetroot soup, or varenyky, a type of dumpling often filled with meat, vegetables or sweet fillings.

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