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The Field Museum

Explore The Field Museum in Chicago to see Sue the T. rex, ancient artifacts, gems, and learn through interactive programs and exhibits.

The Field Museum, located in Chicago, is a premier natural history institution, housing over 40 million artifacts and specimens. It's renowned for hosting Sue, the most complete and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex fossil, and the extensive Ancient Egypt exhibit, which includes an actual human mummy. Additionally, the museum's Grainger Hall of Gems displays a dazzling array of precious stones and jewelry.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton - "Sue"

Visitors to The Field Museum should not miss the chance to view "Sue," the famous T. rex situated in the museum's central Stanley Field Hall. As one of the most complete T. rex fossils in the world, Sue provides a rare and detailed glimpse into the life of one of history's most formidable predators.

Ancient Egypt Exhibit

The Field Museum's Ancient Egypt exhibit offers an immersive journey through time, showcasing authentic artifacts including tools, pottery, and jewelry. A prominent feature of this exhibit is the collection of mummies, which draws visitors keen on understanding ancient Egyptian burial practices and everyday life.

Grainger Hall of Gems

For those interested in geology and gemology, the Grainger Hall of Gems houses an impressive collection of jewels, rare gemstones, and intricately designed jewelry. This exhibit highlights the natural beauty and craftsmanship associated with precious stones, from mining to the final product.

Educational Programs

With a commitment to education, The Field Museum provides a wealth of interactive programs for all ages. These programs, often held in the Crown Family PlayLab, engage participants with hands-on experiences and promote learning about natural history and cultures from all over the world.

Accessibility Features

The Field Museum is dedicated to ensuring all guests can enjoy their visit comfortably. Facilities such as ramps, elevators, and wheelchair-accessible restrooms are available to accommodate visitors with disabilities. The museum also offers complimentary wheelchairs on a first-come, first-served basis.

Conservation and Research

Beyond exhibits, The Field Museum is actively engaged in conservation and research initiatives. Visitors can learn about current projects through various displays and talks that highlight the museum’s role in global conservation efforts and discover how they're contributing to scientific understanding.

Cultural Artifacts

Through The Field Museum's extensive array of artifacts from numerous cultures around the world, guests gain insights into the diversity and richness of global heritage. Exhibits feature items from Africa, the Americas, Asia, and more, offering a comprehensive view of human history.

Architecture and Building Design

As visitors approach the museum, they're greeted by the neoclassical architectural style of the building, which dates back to 1921. Inside, the grand halls and thoughtful design reflect the institution's long-standing history and significance within Chicago's Museum Campus.

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