Art Museum in Los Angeles

The Getty Center

Explore art spanning the Middle Ages to today and enjoy panoramic LA views at The Getty Center, featuring educational tours and a unique central garden.

Situated atop a hill in Los Angeles, The Getty Center is not only renowned for its impressive architectural design by Richard Meier but also for its extensive art collections, which range from European paintings to modern sculptures. The museum offers panoramic views of the city and its gardens add a touch of tranquility in contrast to the urban setting. The Getty's educational programs and public spaces emphasize its role as a cultural landmark accessible to a diverse audience.

Art Collections and Exhibits

The Getty Center is home to an extensive array of art collections that make it a premier destination for art enthusiasts. Visitors can explore European paintings, drawings, sculpture, and decorative arts from the Middle Ages to the present. Notable exhibits include the North Pavilion's collection of illuminated manuscripts and the West Pavilion's assortment of photography. For those interested in modern works, the ever-changing exhibits in the East Pavilion provide a look at contemporary creations alongside timeless pieces.

The Central Garden

A visit to The Getty Center is incomplete without spending time in the tranquil Central Garden, designed by artist Robert Irwin. This intricately planned masterpiece showcases a variety of plants and flowers, highlighted by a natural ravine and tree-lined walkway leading to a floating maze of azaleas. Surrounded by the elegant backdrop of the museum buildings, the garden is a living sculpture that evolves with the seasons.

Views and Landscapes

The museum is situated in an ideal location for absorbing breathtaking views of Los Angeles and the surrounding landscape. Meandering through The Getty Center's outdoor terraces and looking points, visitors are treated to vistas that span from downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean. The scenery provides a perfect backdrop for photography or simply pausing to appreciate the expansive beauty of Southern California.

Educational Programs and Tours

Education is central to The Getty Center experience. The museum provides a variety of guided tours that enrich visitors' understanding of the art on display. These include tours of the architecture, gardens, and specific art collections. In addition to tours, The Getty offers workshops, lectures, and educational programs suitable for all age groups, designed to inspire and educate a new generation of art lovers.

Dining Options Within The Getty Center

For those looking to dine amidst art and culture, The Getty Center offers several options. The Restaurant at The Getty Center presents a fine dining experience with a menu that complements the art collections. Alternatively, the self-service Cafe features more casual fare perfect for families or a quick bite. There are also picnic areas where guests can enjoy their own food with a view.

Accessibility and Visitor Facilities

Accessibility for all guests is a priority at The Getty Center. The museum provides wheelchairs free of charge, and all galleries are accessible by elevator. Additionally, visitors can find information desks, public restrooms, and free Wi-Fi throughout the premises. For those with young children, family rooms are available.

Public Transportation and Parking Options for Visitors

For visitors arriving at The Getty Center by public transport, several options are available including buses that stop nearby. Those driving can park on-site in the museum's parking garage. From there, visitors can take a scenic tram ride up the hill to the museum entrance. Parking is available for a flat rate, which includes tram access.

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