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United States Capitol

Explore the U.S. Capitol's rich history, art, and the central role it plays in American government. Tours and exhibits available.

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The United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. stands as a central point of American politics and governance. As home to the United States Congress, the Capitol is where legislative decisions are debated and passed. Its iconic dome and neoclassical design have made it a symbol of democracy and a focal point for historical events, such as presidential inaugurations and state funerals. Inside, the Capitol features an extensive collection of American art and the impressive Rotunda, with its famous fresco, "The Apotheosis of Washington."

Capitol Tours and Visitor Experience

Visitors to the United States Capitol can partake in a free guided tour of the historic building to learn about its construction, art, and function in U.S. governance. Tours typically include stops at the Capitol Rotunda, Statuary Hall, and the Crypt, where knowledgeable guides share stories about the nation's history and the role of Congress. Advanced reservations through the Capitol Visitor Center website are recommended, and same-day passes may be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Artwork and Statues of the Capitol

The art collection within the Capitol is expansive, featuring sculptures, frescoes, and paintings that reflect America's history. Notable works include the National Statuary Hall Collection, which displays two statues from each state, representing significant figures in state and national history. Additionally, visitors should not miss "The Apotheosis of Washington" painted on the canopy of the Rotunda, an emblematic piece portraying George Washington ascending to the heavens surrounded by allegorical figures.

Capitol Rotunda

The Capitol Rotunda is a large, circular room situated beneath the Capitol dome. It is a culturally significant space used for ceremonial events, lying in honor ceremonies, and as a gallery for historical paintings and sculptures. Here, visitors will find important works such as John Trumbull's "Declaration of Independence" and "The Surrender of General Burgoyne," which depict pivotal moments in American history.

Accessibility and Security

The Capitol is accessible to all visitors, with entrances equipped to accommodate those with disabilities. Security is tight to ensure visitor and staff safety, so expect to undergo a thorough screening process similar to airport security standards. Items such as food, beverages, and large bags are prohibited. It's advisable to review the full list of prohibited items and security procedures on the official website ahead of your visit.

Exploring Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is not just a political epicenter; it's a vibrant neighborhood with dining options, local shops, and green spaces. The U.S. Botanic Garden is nearby and offers a peaceful retreat with its assortment of plants and thematic gardens. Eastern Market is another local highlight where visitors can explore artisanal goods, local produce, and crafts.

Nearby Landmarks

The United States Capitol's central location places it within walking distance of other significant D.C. landmarks. To the west lies the National Mall, flanked by Smithsonian museums and iconic monuments. The Supreme Court and the Library of Congress are also a short walk away from the Capitol building, allowing visitors to easily incorporate these into their itinerary.

Events at the Capitol

Throughout the year, the Capitol hosts various public events and ceremonies, including presidential inaugurations held every four years on the West Front. Visitors can witness democracy in action during public congressional hearings or by obtaining gallery passes when Congress is in session. Check the official calendar for dates and details on public events that may coincide with your visit.

The Capitol Grounds

The Capitol grounds are well worth exploring for their beautiful landscaping and outdoor sculptures. The area provides an excellent vantage point for viewing the Capitol's imposing architecture. Relax on one of the many benches or take a leisurely walk along the paved paths to appreciate views of the Capitol Reflecting Pool and discover monuments such as the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial.

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