Hundreds of years of multiculturalism and history.

Zenica is a city that has seen better days. Once a prosperous industrial center, the city has been in decline since the Bosnian war. However, the city is starting to rebound, and there are some interesting things to see and do. The old town is full of traditional Ottoman architecture, and the city's many mosques are a sight to see. The main attraction, however, is the old copper mine. The mine is now a museum, and it's a fascinating place to explore. There are also a few interesting parks in the city, and the people of Zenica are warm and welcoming.

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Image of Bucket list-worthy places in the Balkans
Image of Bucket list-worthy places in the Balkans

Bucket list-worthy places in the Balkans

August 2023,
The Balkans region is located in southeastern Europe and comprises several countries. These include Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia.
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