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Shanghai Disney Resort

Explore Shanghai Disney Resort for varied rides, shows, dining, and shopping, all within six themed lands and home to China’s largest Disney castle.

Shanghai Disney Resort is China's own enchanting destination, featuring its largest castle, the Enchanted Storybook Castle, alongside six uniquely themed lands filled with immersive rides and attractions. The resort merges Disney magic with local culture, creating experiences like the Garden of the Twelve Friends, where Chinese zodiac characters take on a Disney twist. With live entertainment and a range of dining options that blend East and West, it provides a family-friendly adventure that captures the imagination of all ages.

Attractions and Rides

The heart of Shanghai Disney Resort is its vast array of rides and attractions suited for all age groups. Thrill-seekers will find exhilaration at TRON Lightcycle Power Run, a roller coaster where guests ride futuristic motorcycles through a high-speed digital landscape. Younger visitors may delight in the whimsical adventures offered at Voyage to the Crystal Grotto, which journeys under the Enchanted Storybook Castle. For a more relaxing experience, take flight on Dumbo the Flying Elephant or explore the Hundred Acre Wood with Winnie the Pooh at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Dining Options

Culinary experiences at Shanghai Disney Resort are as diverse as its attractions. Guests can enjoy a blend of Chinese and Western cuisines across the park. At Wandering Moon Teahouse, traditional Chinese fare pays homage to the rich regional diversity of China's culinary heritage. For familiar comfort food, head to Remy’s Patisserie for a selection of pastries and sweets. For dining with a Disney touch, the Royal Banquet Hall offers character dining inside the Enchanted Storybook Castle, providing an unforgettable meal with some beloved Disney friends.

Entertainment and Shows

Entertainment at Shanghai Disney Resort extends beyond rides. The eye-catching Tarzan: Call of the Jungle is a live acrobatic stage show that brings the story of Tarzan to life with stunning effects and music. When evening falls, guests gather around Enchanted Storybook Castle for "Ignite the Dream," a spectacular nighttime show combining fireworks, projections, and lasers that light up the sky. Throughout the day, make sure to keep an eye out for impromptu performances and parades that traverse the magical streets of the resort.

Shopping and Merchandise

Shopping enthusiasts will find plenty of places to purchase unique Disney memorabilia around the park. Avenue M Arcade, located in Mickey Avenue, houses an extensive collection of merchandise from cuddly plush toys to limited-edition collectibles. Pin collectors will especially enjoy the vast selection available at Pin Trading Fun Day events.


For guests looking to extend their stay at Shanghai Disney Resort, two hotels provide comfortable and convenient accommodations. The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel offers an elegant Art-Nouveau style experience with stunning views of the resort, while Toy Story Hotel caters to families wishing to stay immersed in Disney theming throughout their visit. Both hotels offer easy access to the park and Downtown Disney District for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Guest Services and Safety Measures

Shanghai Disney Resort prioritizes guest comfort and safety throughout its premises. Information desks are staffed with multilingual cast members ready to assist with inquiries or concerns. First aid services are available onsite, and regular safety checks on all attractions are performed to ensure a safe experience for everyone.


Navigating Shanghai Disney Resort is made simple by various transportation options available to guests. The resort is equipped with ample parking for those arriving by car, while public transportation options include shuttle buses and the Shanghai Metro, which has a dedicated stop at Shanghai Disneyland Park, ensuring easy access from downtown Shanghai.

Ticketing and Special Pass Information

Before planning your visit, check out the range of ticket options that suit various needs and preferences. Guests can opt for single-day tickets or multi-day passes, granting access to diverse attractions throughout the resort. Additionally, consider investing in a Disney Premier Access pass that offers a faster way to enjoy some of the most popular attractions without long waiting times.

Seasonal Events and Festivals

Throughout the year, Shanghai Disney Resort hosts seasonal events and festivals that add an extra layer of delight for visitors. Celebrate traditional Chinese festivals such as Spring Festival or indulge in Halloween- and Christmas-themed attractions during autumn and winter months. These special times are marked with unique performances, décor, and limited-time food and merchandise offerings.

With these immersive experiences that combine storytelling, culture, excitement, and leisurely fun, a visit to Shanghai Disney Resort is guaranteed to create lasting memories for anyone who walks through its gates.

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