Historic Town in Shanghai

Zhujiajiao Water Town

Explore Zhujiajiao's ancient stone bridges, traditional architecture, local cuisine, and scenic boat rides in this historic Chinese water town.

Zhujiajiao Water Town, often referred to as Shanghai's Venice, is a well-preserved ancient town crisscrossed with canals and home to traditional Chinese architecture. With a history spanning over 1,700 years, visitors can explore its numerous stone bridges, like the iconic Fangsheng Bridge, and wander along narrow alleyways lined with historic buildings. The Kezhi Garden showcases classical landscaping, while boat rides offer a unique perspective of this water-bound settlement, making it a captivating escape from the bustling city of Shanghai.

Traditional Architecture and Bridges

An exploration of Zhujiajiao isn't complete without admiring its traditional architecture. The town is known for its well-preserved residences and shops, which feature wooden carvings and stone footpaths from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Fangsheng Bridge, constructed in 1571, is the largest in Zhujiajiao and offers panoramic views of the water town. Don't miss the opportunity to cross this five-arched stone bridge and learn about its storied past, including the belief that releasing a fish here brings good fortune.

Local Cuisine and Street Food Offerings

As you meander through the narrow alleyways, you will be drawn in by the tantalizing aromas of local cuisine. Zhujiajiao is known for its street food such as sticky rice dumplings (zongzi), pork mooncakes, and black rice zongzi. For a sit-down meal, visit a traditional restaurant to try specialties like smoked fish and river shrimp. Be sure to check out the local shops offering delicious dried foods including dates, beans, and lotus seeds, perfect for taking a taste of Zhujiajiao home with you.

Cultural Activities and Festivals

The vibrant culture of Zhujiajiao is displayed through its various activities and festivals. Among them, the Dragon Boat Festival stands out. Visitors can watch or participate in dragon boat races while enjoying zongzi. Exploring handicraft shops where you can witness artisans practicing ink painting or calligraphy provides further cultural immersion. Zhujiajiao also holds temple fairs throughout the year, blending religious ceremonies with community festivities.

Key Attractions and Sightseeing Spots

Kezhi Garden

Nestled within Zhujiajiao’s alleys lies Kezhi Garden, a stunning example of Qing Dynasty landscape design. This serene spot offers visitors a scenic retreat with its ornate pavilions, rockeries, and ponds brimming with fish. Remember to climb up to the highest point for an exceptional view of the town.

Boat Rides

For a relaxing experience, take a boat ride along Zhujiajiao's canals. These tours give you a different angle on the town's charming ancient homes and bridges. The calm waters and the rhythmic sound of the boat rowing are perfect for soaking in the peaceful atmosphere.

Cost Considerations for Travelers

Zhujiajiao can be enjoyed on varying budgets. Entry to many of the town's attractions is affordable, with combination tickets available that provide access to multiple sites. Dining ranges from inexpensive street food to more premium traditional restaurants. Bargaining in market areas is common practice for buying souvenirs.

Natural Scenery and Waterways

A walk along the Dianpu River allows visitors to appreciate Zhujiajiao’s beautiful natural setting. The town is surrounded by lakes and mountains, with the tranquility of water adding to its charm. The green spaces are perfect for escaping the crowd and enjoying some quiet time.

Daily Life and Atmosphere in Zhujiajiao

While exploring Zhujiajiao, observe the daily routines of local residents – from washing clothes by the canal to preparing local delicacies. This insight into local life adds depth to your visit by connecting you with the living history of the town.

Transportation within the Water Town

Getting around Zhujiajiao is mostly done on foot due to its compact nature and narrow lanes. Small gondolas are available for canal tours and transportation between points along the waterways. The town is pedestrian-friendly, and landmarks are well-signposted making navigation easy.

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