Historic Area in Shanghai

The Bund

Explore The Bund's historical architecture and riverside views in Shanghai, offering a window into the city's past and present.

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The Bund in Shanghai stands as a symbol of the city's historical foreign concessions, showcasing a waterfront lined with colonial-era buildings dating back to the early 20th century. This prominent district also offers a stark contrast to the modern skyscrapers of Pudong across the Huangpu River, presenting a unique blend of old and new. Visitors can explore architectural styles ranging from Art Deco to Neoclassical among the 52 buildings of various historical importance, making it a key destination for understanding Shanghai's rapid evolution.

Architectural Diversity and History

The Bund serves as a living museum showcasing international architectural styles. Notable buildings include the neoclassical HSBC Building and the Art Deco Sassoon House, which now houses the Fairmont Peace Hotel. These historical buildings often offer guided tours that provide insights into their past and architectural details. The Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (formerly the HSBC Building) is also a must-see for its grand banking hall with impressive ceilings.

Riverside Promenade Views and Activities

A walk along the Bund's Promenade is essential for visitors. It provides panoramic views of Shanghai's skyline, including landmarks such as Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the Shanghai Tower. The promenade is a popular spot for both tourists and locals, especially in the early morning when people practice Tai Chi overlooking the river, or late at night when the city lights reflect on the water.

Nighttime Light Shows and Cityscape Photography

As night falls, the Bund transforms into a spectacular light show, with illuminated buildings of the Pudong Skyline providing a captivating backdrop. Photographers will find this a prime location for capturing Shanghai's iconic night scene. The light show starts after sunset and varies depending on the season and local events, enhancing the already vibrant night atmosphere of the area.

Shopping and Dining Experiences

Close to the Bund is Nanjing Road, one of Shanghai's premier shopping streets. A mix of established brands, traditional shops, and street vendors offer countless shopping opportunities. For dining, you can find a range of options from upscale establishments within historical buildings to local eateries serving traditional dishes like xiaolongbao (soup dumplings).

Accessibility and Transportation Options

The Bund is well-served by public transportation, including buses and the Shanghai Metro. The closest Metro stations are East Nanjing Road Station and Yuyuan Garden Station; both are within walking distance. Alternatively, you can opt for a sightseeing tunnel trip from Pudong to The Bund for a unique underground experience.

Interaction with Locals and Daily Life

Engaging with locals provides a glimpse into Shanghai's urban life. Many residents come to the Bund for leisure activities, and it's an excellent place to observe the rhythm of city life. For those looking to experience local customs firsthand, early mornings at the Bund are ideal for watching or joining in Tai Chi sessions.

Public Art and Statues

Scattered throughout the area are various pieces of public art and statues that pay homage to important figures and historical events connected to Shanghai. One of these is the Monument to the People's Heroes, which commemorates revolutionary martyrs, situated in Huangpu Park at the northern end of the Bund.

Historical Landmarks and Buildings to Visit

Two historical landmarks worth visiting are the Customs House with its famous clock tower nicknamed "Big Ching," modeled after Big Ben in London, and the Gothic-style Union Church. Both landmarks provide not only historical context but also a scenic juxtaposition against the modern skyline of Pudong across the river.

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