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Berlin Zoo

Berlin Zoo, Germany's oldest zoo, has over 20,000 animals and focuses on education and conservation.

Berlin Zoo, the oldest zoo in Germany, is one of the most complete in Europe with over 20,000 animals from 1,400 species. Located in the city's center, it allows visitors to see a variety of wildlife habitats.

Visitors can explore different ecosystems and watch animals from all continents, seeing a good balance of animal welfare and educational opportunities. The Panda Garden, a part of conservation work, gives people a chance to see these popular animals outside their native China.

The birdhouse is filled with the sounds and sights of birds from different countries, while the aquarium (which you can visit with a combined ticket) is home to fish, corals, and crocodiles, among others. Feeding times are also a chance to learn about what animals eat and their behaviors.

With special events and night tours, the zoo reveals how nocturnal animals act, and during holidays, it is decorated. The children's zoo and playgrounds are fun and active places for children.

It's easy to get to the zoo by public transport, especially from the Zoologischer Garten Station, making it a convenient stop for visitors to Berlin. It's open all year, with changing opening hours and reasonable entrance fees (14-20 euros for adults, with lower prices for children), making it easy to include in your visit. Committed to teaching and conservation, Berlin Zoo does more than provide entertainment; it also works to protect animals all over the world.

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