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Reichstag Building

The Reichstag Building is the German parliament headquarters with a notable glass dome in Berlin.

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The Reichstag Building stands as a testament to Germany's history and stability. This important structure, with its large dome, has been a part of the shifts in German politics since its completion in 1894. It's not just a government building; it's a symbol of the nation, reborn from war and now open to the public, providing a view of the city and its governing processes.

The Reichstag Building, located at the center of Berlin, serves as the seat of the German parliament, the Bundestag. Its neoclassical architecture, designed by Paul Wallot, reflects the nation's hopes at the time of its construction. The building carries marks of history — it was damaged in a fire in 1933 and further ruined during World War II. It remained unused during the Cold War, situated close to the Berlin Wall.

In the 1990s, the building underwent major renovations by architect Norman Foster, who added the now-famous glass dome. This addition symbolizes the changed political atmosphere of Germany — one of transparency and openness. Visitors can walk up the spiral pathway inside the dome to enjoy a view of the city, while also being able to look down into the plenary hall where politicians debate and pass laws.

The Reichstag is important for its architecture and its openness. It's one of the few parliamentary buildings where visitors can watch the legislative body at work. The rooftop terrace and the dome are free to enter, but you need to register in advance. Security is strong, reflecting its significance in the political scene.

It's suggested to visit at dusk when the setting sun lights the city, and the dome's interior lights start to shine, offering a contrast. Whether you're interested in politics, history, or just looking for a view, the Reichstag Building provides an experience that connects you with Berlin's past and present.

What people say about Reichstag Building


The glass dome is amazing! It is definitely worth the slow visit, walking up the spiral pathway, enjoying the view and the architecture of the dome itself.

During the visit you are offered to take the audio guide, which depending on your location on the pathway the dome will tell you about the objects you see outside. I liked it, but was tired of listening to it somewhere towards the end. It gives a lot of information, and if you're not from Berlin, like me, it is too much of new info.


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