Fashion, art, and the longest bar on the Rhine.

Explore Dusseldorf's historic Altstadt, creative fashion scene, striking modern architecture, and diverse cultural offerings.

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Dusseldorf is a city that combines its role as the capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia with a strong commercial and fashion scene. The city's Old Town, known as "the longest bar in the world", is home to numerous pubs and breweries, while the modern Media Harbour showcases striking architecture by Frank Gehry. Dusseldorf also hosts the Königsallee, a luxurious shopping boulevard, and maintains a vibrant arts scene with institutions such as the Kunstpalast museum.

Old Town (Altstadt) and the Rhine Promenade

Begin your exploration of Dusseldorf in the Altstadt, the historic center, which offers an insight into the city's past with its well-preserved buildings and squares. Visit the St. Lambertus Church and the Schlossturm (Castle Tower) at the Schiffahrtsmuseum to understand the city's origins. After soaking up history, take a walk along the Rhine Promenade, a favorite among residents for its relaxing atmosphere and scenic views of the Rhine River. Here you can unwind or enjoy a leisurely meal at cafes and restaurants dotting the area.

Local Cuisine and Dining Experiences

Dusseldorf's culinary scene reflects its international influence while maintaining traditional German roots. For an authentic local experience, try a "Rheinischer Sauerbraten" (marinated pot roast) at one of the breweries in the Old Town. Zum Uerige and Brauerei Kürzer offer some of the city's finest Altbier, a type of dark beer. For those with adventurous tastes, visit the Japanese Quarter on Immermannstrasse to enjoy some of the best Japanese cuisine outside of Japan.

The Kunstpalast and Cultural Attractions

The city thrives on art and culture, which is evident when you step into the Kunstpalast museum. This institution showcases a diverse array of art ranging from painting to sculpture, and photography to graphic arts. In addition to its permanent collections, temporary exhibits often feature high-profile works from local and international artists. The museum also incorporates music and performing arts into its programming, making it a central point for cultural engagement.

Architectural Highlights: Gehry Buildings

Located in the revitalized Media Harbour area, the Gehry Buildings are three distinct and deconstructivist structures designed by acclaimed architect Frank Gehry. Their twisted shapes stand in stark contrast to the otherwise orthogonal skyline of Dusseldorf, drawing visitors intrigued by modern architecture and design. While there, wander through the area's various other examples of contemporary architecture and stop at a waterfront cafe to admire the view.

Shopping on Königsallee

For shopping enthusiasts, Königsallee (affectionately referred to as "Kö") is a must-visit destination that combines luxury brands with high street staples. This boulevard is lined with fashion houses, boutiques, and flagship stores providing ample opportunity for retail therapy. As you walk down Kö, you'll be flanked by a serene canal lined with chestnut trees, adding to the exclusive shopping experience.

Seasonal Festivals and Events

Dusseldorf is alive with festivals throughout the year. The city's carnival season peaks with parades and festivities around Rosenmontag (Rose Monday). In July, the Rheinkirmes funfair is one of Germany's largest; later in summer, international musicians perform during the Open Source Festival. Come winter, Christmas markets transform the city into a festive wonderland complete with handcrafted goods and mulled wine.

Hofgarten and Green Spaces

Seek tranquility away from city bustle in Hofgarten, Dusseldorf’s oldest public park. With its winding paths, ornamental ponds, and historical monuments, this park serves as an urban oasis for relaxation and outdoor activities. Further north, Nordpark with its impressive Japanese Garden provides another haven for peace and reflection.

Fashion and Design Influence

As a recognized fashion capital, Dusseldorf attracts designers and artists, which is evident in its creative output. Annual events like the Dusseldorf Fashion Days showcase the latest trends while design studios and concept stores throughout the city offer up-and-coming brands' works.

Public Transportation Options

Navigating Dusseldorf is efficient thanks to its comprehensive public transportation system that includes trams, buses, and the U-Bahn (subway). Day tickets offer unlimited travel within designated zones, making it easy to reach various points of interest across the city without relying on a car.

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