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Dutch Quarter

Explore Potsdam's Dutch Quarter with its 18th-century red brick houses, local crafts, and rich Prussian history.

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Located in the center of Potsdam, the Dutch Quarter, or Holländisches Viertel, is a unique architectural area outside the Netherlands. Built in the 18th century to attract Dutch craftsmen to the region, it is the largest collection of Dutch-style houses outside of the Netherlands, featuring red brick buildings with white shutters and gabled roofs.

The Dutch Quarter's 134 red brick buildings cover four blocks, with the streets named after Dutch cities—Mittelstraße, Benkertstraße, Brandenburger Straße, and Gutenbergstraße. Johann Boumann, a Dutch architect, designed these houses, bringing a Dutch feel to Potsdam.

This district is known for its craft shops, antique stores, and independent boutiques. Visitors enjoy the area's art scene, with galleries and workshops where artisans show their crafts. Cafés and restaurants provide comfortable settings for trying German food with a Dutch influence.

The Dutch Quarter's history is connected to the Prussian kings who wanted to add to their city's culture. Although meant for Dutch immigrants, many locals also settled here, leading to a mix of cultures. Today, it shows Potsdam's multicultural history.

During the holiday season, the Dutch Quarter becomes festive with the traditional Sinterklaas Festival, reflecting Saint Nicholas Day traditions. Music and the smell of Stroopwafels and Poffertjes fill the air.

For a genuine experience, visitors should walk through the district, as its narrow cobbled streets are best enjoyed slowly. Comfortable shoes are recommended. History fans can learn more with a visit to the Jan Bouman Haus, a museum about the quarter's history and construction.

The Dutch Quarter appeals to travelers interested in architecture, European history, and those looking for a unique cultural experience. Its close location to Sanssouci Palace, just a 2 km (1.24 miles) walk away, makes it a convenient stop on any Potsdam trip.

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