Skyscraper in Frankfurt

Main Tower

Visit Main Tower in Frankfurt for panoramic city views from its public observation deck, and enjoy its integrated art exhibits and dining options.

Main Tower is a notable skyscraper in the banking city of Frankfurt, Germany. Standing at 200 meters, it is one of the few high-rise buildings in the city with a public viewing platform, providing visitors with panoramic views of the skyline and the Main River. Designed by architects Schweger and Partner, Main Tower is distinctive for its cylindrical shape and fully glassed facade, a modern addition to Frankfurt's skyline. It also houses a collection of contemporary art, with works displayed in the lobby and other public areas, integrating culture into the heart of a financial hub.

Observation Deck and City Views

The most compelling reason to visit Main Tower is its observation deck. Open to the public, this deck offers expansive views of Frankfurt and beyond. From 200 meters up, visitors can see the city's diverse architecture, the winding Main River, and on clear days, the distant Taunus mountains. Visitors can access the deck by elevator, which takes only a few seconds to ascend to the top. There is an entry fee, and opening hours vary by season, so it's recommended to check these details before planning your visit.

Art Installations

Main Tower not only stands out for its height and design but also for its commitment to integrating art into its public spaces. The lobby area is free to enter and serves as a small gallery with artworks from contemporary artists. While strolling through the building, you also find sculptures and paintings that add an aesthetic dimension to the business atmosphere.

Dining at Main Tower

For those looking to combine their viewing experience with a meal, Main Tower houses a restaurant located on one of its upper floors. It provides a fine dining experience with the Frankfurt skyline as a backdrop, making it a perfect choice for a memorable meal. Do note that prices reflect the exclusive setting, and reservations are recommended.


Main Tower is centrally located in Frankfurt's financial district and is easily accessible by public transport. Car parking is also available in nearby areas for visitors choosing to drive. The tower is equipped with facilities to accommodate people with disabilities, including accessible restrooms and ramps.

Nearby Attractions

Outside of Main Tower's walls, visitors will find themselves in the heart of Frankfurt's financial district. Nearby attractions include the historic Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Goethe House Museum, just a short walk away. These landmarks provide visitors with a different perspective of Frankfurt's cultural and economic landscape.

Safety Measures

Security in Main Tower is taken seriously due to its economic importance and public access. Visitors undergo security checks similar to those found in airports before accessing the observation deck or other public areas of the building. Bags may be searched, and certain items are prohibited from being brought into the tower. These precautions ensure the safety and security of all visitors and staff.

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