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Städel Museum

Discover Frankfurt's Städel Museum, housing 700 years of art from European masters and modern icons in a unique classic-meets-modern space.

Städel Museum sits prominently in Frankfurt, Germany, as one of the nation's preeminent art museums. With a collection that spans 700 years of European art history, it includes masterpieces from the Renaissance, the Baroque period, early Modern art, and contemporary works. The museum's architecture itself, a blend of classic and modern design, mirrors the diverse range of art it houses. Visitors can also delve into the digital Städel experience, which offers an innovative way to interact with the collection.

Key Artworks and Collections

The Städel Museum's extensive collection showcases works across various periods. Notable pieces include Jan van Eyck's 'Lucca Madonna', Rembrandt's self-portrait, and modern pieces by Picasso and Francis Bacon. Visitors should also take time to explore the museum's substantial collection of German art, which features works by Lucas Cranach the Elder and a series of paintings by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein.

Noteworthy Exhibitions and Events

Throughout the year, the Städel Museum hosts special exhibitions that allow visitors to engage with thematic presentations of art. These exhibitions often feature collaborations with other international museums and can range from retrospectives of a single artist to explorations of artistic movements or periods. Check the Städel's official website for current and upcoming events before planning your visit.

Museum Architecture and Layout

The architectural journey through the Städel Museum begins with its original building, a 19th-century palatial structure, and transitions into the contemporary Garden Halls below ground level. The latter is an architectural highlight featuring a ceiling with circular skylights that offer a daylight-infused view of the artworks. Visitors will find a coherent layout that facilitates an intuitive progression through the collections.

Educational Programs and Tours

For those interested in gaining deeper insights into the Städel's vast collection, the museum offers guided tours and educational programs. These include offerings tailored towards children and families, as well as workshops that engage adults in art history and practical artistic techniques. Audio guides are also available for a more self-paced exploration.

Visitor Facilities and Services

The Städel Museum provides a range of facilities to enhance the visitor experience. There's a museum shop for souvenirs and books, a café where visitors can relax and discuss art over a cup of coffee, and even free Wi-Fi throughout the premises. Lockers are available for storing personal items during your visit.

Accessibility and Visitor Experience

The museum is committed to accessibility, offering barrier-free access to all exhibition areas. For visitors with disabilities, there are services available such as tactile tours and induction loops for those with hearing aids.

Location and Transportation Options

Located along the Museumsufer (Museum Embankment) in Frankfurt, the Städel Museum is easily accessible via public transportation. The closest tram stop is 'Holbeinsteg' with trams 15 and 16, while 'Schweizer Platz' is the nearest U-Bahn station. For those driving, there is limited parking available at the museum, with additional parking options in the surrounding area.

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