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A protected home to the country's largest Northern Gannets colony and a hotspot for bird-watching.

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Lummenfelsen, a small rocky island off the coast of Germany. It's a sanctuary for the country's largest colony of Northern Gannets.

Lummenfelsen, located off the northern German coast in the North Sea, is a part of the Heligoland archipelago. It stands as a sheer, rugged cliff rising about 47 meters above the sea level and is renowned for being a nesting spot for tens of thousands of Northern Gannets. This makes Lummenfelsen a hotspot for bird watching, with the most intense activity observed during the breeding season between April and August.

Visitors are not allowed to step foot on Lummenfelsen due to its protected status. However, boat tours from the nearby island of Heligoland provide an opportunity to witness the unique spectacle of these birds in their natural habitat. It is advisable to bring a good pair of binoculars on this trip for a closer look at these fascinating creatures.

While you're in the area, do not miss the chance to explore Heligoland. This island, the only one in Germany that's in the open sea and not in the wadden sea, has a rich history and is known for its high red sandstone cliffs. It is car-free, and offers a quiet retreat from urban life. Don't forget to try local specialities, such as the Heligoland Lobster Soup.

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