Die Baulichkeiten von Agosi und Witzenmann in Pforzheim, vom Wartberg gesehen | Pforzheim in Germany
Pforzheim: Memorial of the timber floating profession in medieval Pforzheim, located on Auer Bridge. Taken by Michael Hild 2002. | Pforzheim in Germany
Pforzheim Hbf | Pforzheim in Germany
Heizkraftwerk Pforzheim | Pforzheim in Germany
Industriehaus Pforzheim mit Sparkassenturm | Pforzheim in Germany
Schlössle Galerie Pforzheim | Pforzheim in Germany
Pforzheim, Osterfeld-Realschule | Pforzheim in Germany
Außenfassade der Auferstehungskirche, Pforzheim | Pforzheim in Germany
Pforzheim, Galerie (Kollmar & Jourdan-Haus) | Pforzheim in Germany
Katholische Barfüßerkirche in Pforzheim | Pforzheim in Germany
Pforzheim - Stadtbibliothek | Pforzheim in Germany
A8 to Munich

Anschlussstelle Pforzheim-West | Pforzheim in Germany
Amtsgericht Pforzheim | Pforzheim in Germany
Industriehaus Pforzheim | Pforzheim in Germany
Der Luisenplatz in Pforzheim um 1900 | Pforzheim in Germany
Pforzheim: View of the city center from Buckenberg. Taken by Michael Hild 2003. | Pforzheim in Germany
Pforzheim: View from Horse Bridge (Rossbruecke) along Enz river, with Enz arcades on the left. | Pforzheim in Germany
Pforzheim: View of the new city hall building, seen from across Enz river and Waisenhaus Square. Schlosskirche St. Michael is depicted in the background. Foreground right shows part of the Congress Center. | Pforzheim in Germany
Jupitergigantensäule in Pforzheim vor Gasometer. Kopie der Säule aus Walheim | Pforzheim in Germany
Der Turm der Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw im Zentrum der Pforzheimer Innenstadt mit Blick vom Dachgarten der Schlößle Galerie. | Pforzheim in Germany
St.Georgen-Steige in Pforzheim.
Rechts Brauhaus Pforzheim,
links Gaststätte St. Georgen.

Auffahrt zum Buckenberg. | Pforzheim in Germany
Pavillon on a bridge in Pforzheim, Germany, designed by Rob & Leon Krier. The statue upon it is similar to the Untitled sculpture Krier brothers designed for Leioa, Biscay, Basque Country, Spain. | Pforzheim in Germany
Uhr am Bezirksamtsturm in Pforzheim | Pforzheim in Germany
Pforzheim, Germany. Wallberg Memorial.

February 1945 the complete city was destroyed by allied bombers, 18.000 people died. The memorial stands on top of a an artificial hill of boulder from the ruins of Pforzheim. | Pforzheim in Germany
Das neue Museum Johannes Reuchlin an der Schlosskirche Pforzheim | Pforzheim in Germany
CongressCenter Pforzheim | Pforzheim in Germany
Städtebauliches Bild der 50er in der Innenstadt | Pforzheim in Germany
Luftbild von Pforzheim. Östliche Blickrichtung | Pforzheim in Germany
Reuchlin-Gymnasium Pforzheim's (engl. Reuchlin Grammar School) front side (east) | Pforzheim in Germany
City in 🇩🇪 Germany with a population of around 120 thousand people.

Pforzheim is a city in the Black Forest in southwestern Germany. It’s known for its jewelry and watchmaking industry, and for its Goldstadt (Golden City), due to the large number of goldsmiths and jewelers who used to live and work there. The city’s old town is a pedestrian zone, and its centerpiece is the Gothic St. Michael’s Church. The city’s jewelry and watchmaking industry is on display at the Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim (Pforzheim Jewelry Museum), and at the Uhrenmuseum Pforzheim (Pforzheim Clock Museum).

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Pforzheim.