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Germany has a tough, mysterious and magical atmosphere. In this article you find spots from the northern Lübeck to the fairy tale-castle Neuschwanstein in the south. From energetic city life to walks in historical towns with medieval houses. Germany is like a coin, two sides. But just because you choose one side, does not mean that you have missed out on the other.

All over you hear echoes of the second world war, since it is imprinted in Germany´s memory. In the bigger cities there are places full of modern street art, high tech-buildings and fashion. Today, Berlin is one of the biggest influences for how young Europeans dress. If you are here in January or July, you will discover just how much during Berlin fashion week. Between all the sightseeing in the bigger cities, take a break at a fast food place with doner kebab or currywurst. This is one side of the coin. A busy country with a continual vibration.

The other side is something different. Imagine charming old towns with beautiful nature all around. You can hike a hill close to Heidelberg, ski on Mount Zugspitze in the Bavarian alps or go kite surfing around Lübeck bay. An adventurous holiday, that seems like another life compared to cities like Cologne or Munich.

This country invites winters with snow in the mountains and possibilities of hot summer days. Throughout the year different festivals and other events take place, so make sure to check your calendar and see if your adventure matches any of the German celebrations.

Sit down at a local pub once you arrive, order a beer and bring your bucket list – maybe you will find your content for it right here?


City in🇩🇪 Germanyrated

Welcome to an electric capital. A center of fashion, techno and modernity, but at the same time history follows you everywhere. While walking the streets among cafées, high rise-buildings Checkpoint Charlie appears – the former border crossing point between East and West Berlin. On the station Mohrenstrasse U-bahn all marbles are from the bombed national office of Hitler, Historisches museum will give you staggering history about Germany and at the East Side Gallery you can explore the remnants of the Berlin Wall.

To switch themes, why not make sure to book tickets to a soccer game at the mighty Olympia Stadium? If sport is not your area Berlin has one of the most famous club-scenes. For example the well known techno club Berghain. If you get in, then you succeeded better than Tesla´s Elon Musk.

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