Neu sanierter Marktplatz mit Rathaus | Zittau in Germany
Blick von Polen nach Deutschland, auf der Neißebrücke fotografiert | Zittau in Germany
Widok od strony miasta na dworzec kolejowy w Zittau | Zittau in Germany
Zittau, Hospitalkirche St. Jakob. Ansicht von Nordwesten. | Zittau in Germany
Der imposante Backsteinbau der ehemaligen Textilwerke steht an der Äußeren Oybiner Straße in Zittau. | Zittau in Germany
das zittauer Christian-Weise Gymnasium (keine Kirche!) | Zittau in Germany
Zittau Bahnhof | Zittau in Germany
Mandau-Kaserne, Martin-Wehnert-Platz 2, Zittau, Sachsen | Zittau in Germany
Zittau, butcher's bastion with carillon and flower clock | Zittau in Germany
Zittau, Rathaus in Markt | Zittau in Germany
Eckhaus Dresdner-/Heinrich-Mann-Str. in Zittau | Zittau in Germany
Hefftergiebel in Zittau | Zittau in Germany
Zittau, Kirche St. Peter und Paul des ehemaligen Franziskanerklosters (Landkreis Görlitz, Sachsen, Deutschland) | Zittau in Germany
Dieses Foto in der Woiwodschaft Niederschlesien wurde während der Wikiexpedition 2013 erstellt (unterstützt von Wikimedia Polska Association).In der Kategorie Wikiekspedycja 2013 sind alle Fotografien abgelegt.. | Zittau in Germany
Zittau, Church of St John. Western façade. | Zittau in Germany
Town in 🇩🇪 Germany with a population of around 26 thousand people.

Zittau is a small city in the east of Germany, close to the borders with Poland and the Czech Republic. It’s an interesting place to visit thanks to its location and history – it was part of East Germany during the Cold War, and has a strong Polish and Czech influence as a result. The old town is full of cute cobbled streets and colourful houses, and there’s a lovely park on the edge of the city. Zittau is also a great place to go shopping – there are lots of small, independent shops as well as a few large malls. And if you’re looking for a bit of nightlife, there are plenty of bars and clubs to choose from.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Zittau.